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[Kiddalee]'s Vegan Soup

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The full recipe serves two nutritionally, though you may feel full before it's all gone.


a little cooking oil

   Half a brick of firm tofu (a full brick at my store serves four)
OR  1/2 cup brown rice and 1/3 cup lentils
    My rice/lentil measurements are a high guess, I just use my hands

1 large onion
1 fat carrot or 3 of those ones that are almost gone after you peel them
1-2 stalks celery
1 large tomato, any type
  Or 1 cup cherry/grape tomatoes
1 bell pepper, red or green or half of each
2 potatoes with the fibre left on (optional, better with the tofu version)

Bay leaf
Powdered vegetable stock
Chili powder and/or cayenne pepper if you like it hot
Celery seed if you don't have celery
What else do you like?


Chop and saute the onions
Add peeled, diced carrots and water to barely cover (carrots go in now if you're in a hurry; they go in after the celery if you have time).
Take care to maintain your temperature despite adding water and vegetables repeatedly.
Toss in your bay leaf now that you have some water.
Dice and add potatoes (same rule as carrots) and more water to cover.
Dice and add celery and more water to cover.

Add your rice and lentils now, and you'll have to watch your water level to make sure it stays soup
Diced tofu can go in pretty much any time.

Dice and add your large tomatoes now if you want them to get saucy.
Grape/cherry tomatoes can go in right now since you want them to pop in the heat.

If you don't want your tomatoes to turn saucy, add your remaining spices and simmer until the rice/lentils are cooked or the carrots are almost done. Then add your diced tomatoes...
... Along with diced bell pepper.

Return to a boil once again, then reduce heat and simmer, covered, until carrots and potatoes can be pierced easily and your rice/lentils are done.


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