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The anniversary of Sasha’s tragic death was upon him now. He feared going home for his Boss would go into Master mode and punish him for a mistake he did not make, but for a mistake his former pet had made two years prior. Oleg tended to replace Vasili for his beloved Alek in his mind, in turn actually visualizing the tempting male beneath him as his deceased pet simply to relive the old days.. But only when it came to the anniversary of his unfortunate death. With practiced ease he was able to withstand such brutal punishments such as being shackled to a T-Stand for a good part of three hours, then being whipped like he were nothing more than a meager slave disobeying his owner. Often times a taming stick was taken to him after Oleg released him from the T-Stand, but only when Vasili was feeling especially rebellious and opted for staggering to the door than to the bed as he was so ordered.

With a shaky sigh, the raven-haired man rose from his crouched position at the bottom of the stairs when he was called up by Oleg, his Cerulean orbs cutting to the first person he saw, silently begging for the man to help him. He knew that he would not be able to get out of his punishment, however. Nobody dare went against the boss or denied him his certain pleasures. A soft whimper escaped him when he reached the top of the stairs and entered into the room, his eyes going straight to the spot where the large stand usually sat only to find that it was not there. An emotion aching to hope flared through him, but it was diminished when Oleg called to him, catching his attention, his Master standing next to the black T-Stand to the right of the room. He faltered momentarily, but made his way over to his owner nonetheless, shoulders broad and proud and back stiff.

“Strip.” Oleg ordered simply, moving away from his pet as he drew closer and side stepping so that he was behind the metal piece of furniture, reaching for few objects such as his electric devices. Usually, these were only used when he was in a particularly bad mood, and he obviously was, what with the expression he gave Vasili when he did not comply as quickly as usual. “Strip.” He ordered once more. And the lad did, dropping his clothing into a pile at his feet and coming closer to the hated T-Stand.

Shackled up, arms held out as wide as the horizontal bar and legs held together so that ankles were shackled together in one cuff, and equipped anew with the electro-bondage accessories, he watched in pain as his Master simply left him to go sit on the bed and watch in amusement as the voltages went through his most sensitive places, emotionless mask breaking down quicker than expected when he felt that the dial was turned to a higher notch than usual. It was not long before the room was filled with moans and grunts of agony and pleasure, Vasili’s cries surely reaching the ears of the inhabitants of the house even on the ground floor.

It only took an hour this time for his Master to let him loose from the T-Stand. He was completely drained, pale face holding a light pink hue on it running from cheek to cheek across the bridge of his nose. Barely able to walk as the tingling continued through his groin, he slowly made his way over to the bed as Oleg so instructed, whimpering when his thighs were whipped with the long, leather whip with the tassel on the end of it due to his too slow movements. When he finally collapsed on the bed, arms in too much pain to even be used to catch himself, he closed his eyes and moaned softly into the thick white comforter, grinding his hips down against the bedspread as he tried to alleviate the pressure on his hardened organ.

“Pet. Cease your movement.” When the order was not followed, Graying male stretched his arm back behind himself, then brought the whip forward with all the force he had, the thick leather leaving a bloodied opening along his pet’s upper right thigh and a bruise on his upper left. He was satisfied when the boy let out a yelp and quit his grinding against the bed obediently, but he still wished to beat the boy more. And, since he really needed no excuse to do such being as he owned the boy, he did, bringing the whip down on his bottom and thighs over and over until he felt his arm beginning to tire, a sure sign that his anger was wavering.

Not stopping even when the lad cried out in pain, his bottom a crimson red mess of sensitive flesh and broken skin. Tears streamed down his face, his first time crying since he was in the orphanage, choking on sobs and pleas for him to cease his punishment. Not even the stimulation from the electro-equipment applied to his nipples and cock eased the pain any longer. Instead, it added to the pain. The whipping eventually stopped, and only then did he and his master realize that he was sobbing so hard the he was actually shaking the king-sized bed with the force of his sobs. Vasili quickly began to still his shaking body, fingers gripping to the crimson spotted comforter beneath him with the attempt.

“Pet. Rise to your hands and knees.” The icy tone faltered minimally, replaced with the beginnings of full blown sympathy, though not quite there yet. He was lenient on his boy when he complied nearly five minutes after he was ordered to get to his knees, knowing it had to be painful to move with such damage done to his thighs and bottom. Oleg set the bloody whip on the bed next to Vasili’s knees, using both of his hands to feel along his lithe person, fingers curling when his hands traced along the curve of his hips. “Spread your legs… Further..” The Mafia boss reached down between the lad’s legs and removed the, now, disabled leather objects around the base of his sex, letting it fall to the bed bellow before he proceeded to remove those which were strapped to his nipples.

Sighing shakily, Vasili opened his red eyes and looked down at the objects just used to torture him, a small smile curling the corners of his lips. “Thank you, Master.” Softly spoken, he let his head hang a bit, keeping himself held up with his aching shoulder muscles.


It was simply unbelievable how much his body could take. Being drained nearly six times by the stimulation of the electricity while shackled to the T-Stand, beaten until he saw the darkness he so hated bordering his vision, and then a passion filled night with his Master that had him drained thrice more times before Oleg admitted defeat, clonking out just before his young pet had. He was awakened by the pain in his bottom as the graying male moved against him, leg coming up to curl around Vasili’s form somewhat protectively and rubbing him the wrong way in the process. That was another thing. He had never once slept in the same bed as Oleg, not once until that previous night. It felt weird, yet oddly perfect to the naïve pet.

Arms wrapped about his form to hold him back against the naked, slightly furry, broad chest of the older man, one leg tossed over his hip to further hold him close and the other lining his bottom and thigh. But, the thing that got him and made him smile; Oleg’s face pressed to the middle of his back between his shoulder blades, lips held to the line of his spine endearingly.

Soft churr came from younger Russian, enjoying the feel of his master holding him in such a way. But, of course it had to end when he was forced to do his duty. Getting out of the soft, many-times-broken in bed, with little movement and noise so as not to wake his master, he pulled a loose sheet about his body and made his way to the shower room attached to the large master bedroom. He desperately wished to remove the chipped and flaking blood from his body, and he felt a cold shower would ease the sudden sting in his bottom. Gods. It really did hurt to walk, but he would not let it show once he was finished with his shower and downstairs in the eyes of his peers and fellow Mafioso.

Not testing the water before he stepped into the spacious rectangular shower, he shut his eyes and lolled his head back, allowing the cool water to run over his face, hair and down his torso and back, a gentle groan escaping him when the trickling water finally hit his hot ass and thighs. “Thank the Gods…” It was easy going as he grabbed the wash cloth, lathered and ran it along his bloody flesh, wincing every now and again when he pressed just a bit harder than a feather light caress. When the blood was gone and bruises, welts and cuts were all that remained he washed the rest of his sweat, grime and cum covered body off, only able to work so fast with his still achy shoulders. It felt as if he had been doing pushups all throughout the night, and it just hurt!

Finished with that task, he squeezed the bottle of shampoo over his head, emptying the remaining contents into his thick black hair. He let the empty bottle fall to the bottom of the shower before he began to lather his hair up. Slender pale fingers massaged scalp soothingly, making sure all of the grime was out of the roots of his long mane, he shifted so that he was beneath the shower head, continually massaging his scalp so that he was sure all of the peach-scented shampoo was gone from his hair.

Vasilii finished shortly after he started his shower. He exited from the room after wrapping his waist with a small towel, careful to hide the battle wounds from the night before, walked through Oleg’s room and headed on out to his own room. He only saw two people as he made the trek to his room, tossing them a slight wave in acknowledgment, his characteristic emotionless mask covering his expression well. He retreated into his room and choose a suitable outfit for himself for the day; Dark grey wool turtleneck with a white tank top to wear underneath, a pair of dim dark blue denim jeans that molded perfectly to his thin legs-And uncomfortably to his bottom and the back of his thighs.-, and rose low to reveal his prominent, slightly muscled hips and upper pelvis should he decide to stretch out. Pulling on a comfy leather jacket to go over his clothing being as it was a chilly day out. A pair of dress shoes completed his outfit, along with his few gifts of jewelry from both his father and his Boss, a silver bracelet on each arm and a white silver chain about his neck that held an ornate type of pendant.

He was finished dressing in time to see his Master standing behind him at the entrance of his room with a soft bobbing of his head signaling that he liked the outfit. The older man sighed softly and came further into the room, holding his arms open for Vasili to snuggle into his chest, which he did, then closed them about his form, embracing him tenderly. “I’m sorry about last night, Vasili… I should not have gone overboard like that. It was unforgivable of me to take my anger out on you. Can you forgive me, love?”

“I forgave you last night, my Prince.” He admitted shyly, hesitantly nuzzling his cheek into Oleg’s bared, damp chest. A soft growl came from him when his Boss stepped away from him, but he quieted it abruptly, turning away and heading over to his dresser to obtain a hair tie so he could braid his long cape of hair. He set in on doing just that, glancing over his shoulder once, twice and a third time to see if Oleg was still standing there watching him. He hated to admit it, but he enjoyed having the man’s attentions solely to himself, and that was exactly why he felt he could bare the mission he had been assigned today, because his lover promised him his full attention for three whole days if he could complete it without incident.

Finishing the braid and tying it off, he turned and headed on past his superior but was stopped when a hand grabbed his shoulder, turned him and pulled him back. He was pleasantly shocked when he felt the man’s lips come down on his, tongue delving into his mouth to tango with his own fleshy appendage, the passion of the kiss making Vasili actually pant excitedly, his cock nearly ready to twitch to life if it lasted much longer. Luckily, it did not, and he stared glassy-eyed up at his master, a faint hue once more on his cheeks. Clearing throat, he smiled softly before heading on out of the room, fingers unconsciously touching to his kiss swollen lips and tongue tracing the line of them to taste the lingering essence of Oleg.

He sighed contentedly and ushered his temporary partner out of the building and to the parking lot to retrieve his Father’s old Buick, and he found his way to the side walk just out front of the building to wait for the woman. Easily climbing into the car and taking a seat, not daring to wince lest he show his pain in front of his colleague, he muttered, “Head to Giorgio’s Restaurant. We have business there.”

“Alright. So, last night… He did not harm you, did he?” Busty blonde-haired vixen asked, concern evident in her tone. She even dared looking at the boy out of the corner of her eyes while she drove in the busy morning traffic, emerald shaded irises catching sight of the quick sneer he sent her. “Alright.” Smart girl. She didn’t ask again. Instead, she simply drove as she was told to, reaching to the radio and turning on a station with soft tunes, filling the silence with music instead of chit-chat.


He had expected this, so he was not nervous and fidgety like his partner. Surrounded with guns aimed at them from above, below, and ground level, their only defense being the clothing on their backs and there only weapons the guns in their hands aimed squarely at Giorgio. The white-haired Russian seemed unworried about the bullets that were so close to being placed in his head and his heart, for he knew that he would either be avenged, or somebody would plant themselves between himself and the bullets, protecting him from damage.

Lad with braided hair swung around and smashed the heel of his foot into someone’s chin as they tried to sneak up on him, never once letting his aim falter from Giorgio’s forehead. “Give it up, Giorgio. You know you won’t be leaving here alive.” He informed calmly.

“Neither will either of you, Vasili. Unless you haven’t noticed the guns pointed at you.” Raising his arms and motioning to the men and women geared up with guns and various attachments for their guns aimed at them. “Men, with the first twitch of their fingers.”

“She might not, but I will.” A sly smile came to his face when he said such, glancing at his partner out of the corner of his eye, then back to Giorgio and losing his smile all together. “Yes men. Fire!” He boomed out, getting off the first shot before the room exploded in gun fire. He quickly jumped out of his previous spot and dived behind the shocked female, letting all the bullets hit her from the front and focusing on the men from behind, easily shooting them down with quick shots to the heads.

The female, Anja, quickly drew another gun from her waist, raising it to her left and aiming the other up and to the right, firing wildly as she brought her arms together. She trusted Vasili to keep her sides from being shot, those being her most vulnerable weak points as she wore the bullet proof vest, so she worried not when she felt bullet’s getting closer to her sides with each shot. The upper floor was free of men, and the lower half of the floor were clear on her side, save for the still standing, staggering more like it, Giorgio who was trying to retreat to the back. She shot his other leg so he fell to the ground with a thud, emerald eyes twinkling in amusement.

Vasili, on the other hand, was having a hard time moving quickly enough to get out of the way of all the bullets or to shoot down the remaining men, so it came to no surprise to him when he heard the female behind him hit the ground after he heard a shot get fired and felt blood his the back of his jacket. He let out a soft ‘tsk’ before getting the last few men down, then rose to his full height and stared down at the blonde at his feet. “Get up. We must go.” He said coldly, walking past her to the writing and crawling business owner. He aimed his silver firearm down at the back of his head and fired, muttering, “Boom.” In doing so.

“Finish without incident and I shall give you attention for three full days. That is what he said. Reveal your wound to him and I shall kill you myself, Anja.” He had been hit a few times himself, once in the thigh-Ouch!-, and one in the shoulder, though that only grazed skin, just barely breaking it. “I’ll drive.” He announced, bored, and walked out of the Restaurant steadily to his car.

Anja gasped softly as she pushed herself up, hand going to her injured side and gripping as she limped out after her boss’ pet. Well, at least she wasn’t dead. That was a plus. But she would be if her wound was revealed. She had better get it wrapped before she got back to the building and put on a clean shirt. She climbed into the passenger seat of the Buick and began to undress, tossing her shirt and the bullet proof vest both into the back seat, then leaning around her seat and pulling out a shirt from the pocket in the back. “I take it you really want your time with him. That was nice of him to offer.” She noted as she grabbed gauze wrap from the car’s compartment before he knees and unwrapped it from it’s packaging before she leaned forward and began to wrap it about his lower stomach and side.

“Yeah. Three whole days. He promised it to me when I first got this assignment. And if he doesn’t get overly upset when he see’s my wounds, I’ll get every single one of them. But, when he see’s them and if he does get upset, I don’t think I’ll even get a full day. I hope he’s in a good mood when we return. If I don’t get them, then you can show your wound and have it properly looked at. Alright?”

“Yeah. Hey, thanks for not letting me get shot down in there. You’re a pretty reliable person after all.” Anja smiled in his direction, finally tying off the bandages when she felt she was securely wrapped, enough layers so that no blood would leak through on her new shirt. She pulled the outer layer onto her body and let out a sigh of relief, relaxing back against the seat and staring out at the cars ahead of them. “This traffic is awful.”

That deserved non response, simply a snort and a quirk of the lips, a half smile. “I’ll re-bandage that for you when we get back.”


“Vasili! What the hell?! Lay down.” Oleg ordered, eyes wide and nostrils flared in anger when he noticed the fresh wound on his pet’s thigh and the graze along his shoulder. “Why didn’t you tell me about these sooner? I would have cleaned them up. Shit.” He pulled the lad’s pants all the way off, tossing the jeans to the side and examining the wound a bit more thoroughly. He flinched back with a slight wince when he saw the boy’s bottom, brows drawing together as he deduced why his lover had been shot twice. “Shit. You shouldn’t have gone today. Why didn’t you tell me it was this bad?”

“Because I didn’t think it would hinder my ability to get out of the way of the bullets. I’m sorry. I should have said something. Please forgive me? Don’t take my three days away.. Please?” He whimpered softly, turning his head to the side so he could look over his shoulder at the man sitting over him, examining his wounds and swollen flesh. “Please…”

“I’m sorry. I’m giving you just one day for withholding information from me.” Oleg placed his hand atop the boy’s head, rubbing gently. “That’s final.” The last thing he expected was for his injured pet the slap his hand away and thrust him off of him and to the bed. He watched in stunned silence as the lad pulled his pants onto his body, rather roughly at that, and rushed out of the room, his brown eyes never breaking their gaze on his clothed back until the door was slammed behind him.

Vasili hurried down the stairs, intent on leaving the house now that he knew he was going to lose two days alone with his Master. He desperately wanted them, he even wanted just the one day, and he knew his actions would just eliminate that day he had. He didn’t care at the moment, but he would surely care tomorrow. Grabbing his coat from the coat rack near the door, he pulled it on and got out of the house, slamming the door behind him and heading down the stairs to the sidewalk. “Shit!” He bit out, shoving his hands into his pockets and walking stiffly down the street and turning the corner. He would just walk until his legs became numb… That’s what he would do. Then he would head back to the building to get some rest.

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2009-01-20 [Ravendust]: Definitely an interesting read, a few spelling errors, but that's it^^

2009-01-20 [Erubeus]: I'm so sorreh.
I tried to get everything, but I was feeling sort of rushed.
I'll go through it and fix everything soon.

2009-01-20 [Ravendust]: Don't worry about it, I know the feeling, heck, I've still gotta get mine done, I know everyone's getting impatient to actually get started... XD

2009-01-20 [Erubeus]: Nah. I'm not impatient in the least. ^^

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