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[~Vash~]'s Grammar Lessons. ^.^

Ok! ^-^ This page exists soley because of the fact that I am a grammar freak, and will freak out at the very hint of poor grammar. >.< I don't mean to be picky. =/ It's programming..Oo;
  So anyway, I'm making this page to help my friends out on thier writing skills. This is mainly for my roleplays and other similar purposes. But if it helps, read on anyway. ^^ X_x These are just very basic grammar rules. I don't want to bore you to death by ranting on every last detail for hours..
  That's not to say you have to read it. X_x I'm not that picky. I'm not going to bitch-off just because someone messeges me with incorrect grammar. Unless you are in one of my roleplays. X3 In which case, you must use correct grammar.
  Just know that if you messege me with something to the effect of, "lolz lyk u r sooo cool!!" I am likely going to reply with something of this, "Lolzlolzlololz!!1!!11! ong lyk thnx so much!!!1! Lolz!!" Don't be offended. I warned you..
  Allright. ^-^ Anyway, now class. The first lesson is in capitalization.

[Capitalization! =P]

    -1.) The first rule of capitalization is of course, the very basic; ALWAYS capitalize the first word in new sentances. This does not apply to words after a quote, semicolon, colon, or dash.

    -2.) Next. Capitalize ALL proper nouns. (ie., I, I'm, I'll, Jimmy, Lauren, etc.)

    -3.) ALWAYS capitalize the title of something. If you are speaking of the grand canyon, its entire title is to be capitalized: "The Grand Canyon." This rule also applies to the names of books.
[Various Quote Notes]

    -1.) If someone is speaking, beggining and ending quotation marks go just before the first letter and after the ending punctuation mark of the quote.

    -2.) If last sentance would normally end in a period, the period is changed to a comma. (ie., "I think he went to the store," said Tommy.) This rule does not apply if the quotation is free-standing. (ie., "I think he went to the store," said Tommy. "I'm pretty sure he did.")

    -3.) The title of a book, movie, etc. should always be placed in italics and quotations.

[Punctuation Etc.]
    -1.) Not everything is just one long run-on sentance. You must strategically place punctuation marks in places that make the sentance sound good. For instance, it would be, "Hi, Joey. Wow! You look great! There's your date. Uh, what's her name again?"
       Keep in mind that if you don't use correct punctuation, when read aloud (or in the mind..), the dialogue would more-or-less sound like this, "HiJoeyWowYoulookgreatTheresyourdateUhwhatshernameagain?" XD

[Creativity! (AKA, Don't bore the reader)]
     -1.) Instead of always using such bland phrases as "She said," or "He walked," try to use more discriptive, vibrant words like "She exlclaimed," and "He strode."

     -2.) Use transitional words. (ie., But, when, then, after, another, while, later, soon, next, etc.) For instance, instead of "Sam was in the mall looking for clothes. The fire alarm rang," use "Sam was in the mall looking for clothes when the fire alarm rang."

     -2.) Use flavourful words! (ie., tasty, hot, wild, sexy, stupid, boring, intriguing, fast, etc.) Instead of "Sally put on the red dress," use "Sally gingerly put on the bright red dress."

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2005-09-07 [~Legato~]: hey! the picture is from "Please Teacher"!!!!

2005-09-07 [~Vash~]: XD WOW! You already found meh new page!

2005-09-07 [~Vash~]: << I had to find a classroom environment. XD

2005-09-07 [Ikko]: Oooo I want be the girl with brown hair!

2005-09-07 [~Vash~]: XD Eehe...well Ikko, this isn't the roleplay page..

2005-09-07 [Blaze the Nameless]: Once again, you need help.

2005-09-07 [~Vash~]: ..BLAZE! Are you just going to come in and insult every last one of my wikis now!? JESUS! Say something positive for once.

2005-09-07 [Ikko]: Yeah but I just want to be her in the picO~O

2005-09-07 [~Vash~]: X3 Lol

2005-09-07 [Ikko]: PLEEEEAAAAASSSEEEEE!!!!!

2005-09-07 [~Vash~]: Oo...ok...*takes out a mystical staff and lays it upon your shoulder.* [Ikko] the spontaneous, your official title is hereby declared: "The brown haired girl in the pic!"

2005-09-07 [Ikko]: YAY!!!!!XD

2005-09-07 [~Legato~]: >.> <.<  I thought I was the one who got to do all the insulting to my [~Vash~].... \ . / grrrrrrrrrrrr...

2005-09-07 [~Legato~]: oh! by- the- way!!! ...^-^ Dis page makees u sound soou onbeliveably smrt Sara...>.> <.< >3 *much luv* ...nuff saide... HAHA... *hugs herselves* ((it is sad but sometimes that is just how horrible people tend type or AKA SOUND for that matter))

2005-09-08 [~Vash~]: X3 GRAAAHHH!!! TEH CHATSPEEEEEEEEEK!!

2005-09-08 [~Legato~]: lol

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