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The current owner of this wiki is now. [*Leric*]. The previous owner was [Yuichi♥], but if you have any problems, want to know how to do something, or have techinal problems then please message [alli.DEADFAYCE.] or anyone of us.. (this thing goes through alot of owners.. >.< Message anyone of us if you have problems though)
Thank you.

[Yuichi♥] made it. *IMG:*replace the * with<> to put it on your homepage!


~*~ Vampires 4ever RPG memebers ~*~

~*~ Vampires 4ever RPG character page 1 ~*~
~*~ Vampires 4ever RPG character page 2

~*~ vampires 4ever RPG character page 3 ~*~

~*~ Vampires 4ever RPG rules ~*~

~*~ Vampires 4ever RPG fanart ~*~

~*~ Vampires 4ever RPG banners ~*~

~*~ Vampires 4ever RPG characters~*~ [NEW!!]

~*~ Vampires 4ever RPG:rpg page ~*~

Vampires 4ever RPG:rpg page 2
Vampires 4ever RPG:rpg page 3
Vampires 4ever RPG:rpg page 4
Vampires 4ever RPG:rpg page 5
Vampires 4ever RPG:rpg page 6
Vampires 4ever RPG:rpg page 7
Vampires 4ever RPG:rpg page 8
Vampires 4ever RPG:rpg page 9
Vampires 4ever RPG:rpg page 10
Vampires 4ever rpg:rpg page 11
Vampires 4ever rpg:rpg page 12
Vampires 4ever rpg:rpg page 13
Vampires 4ever rpg:rpg page 14
Vampires 4ever rpg:rpg page 15

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2006-05-15 [*Leric*]: so

2006-05-15 [Amiantos Khronos]: Where was I suppose to jump in...?

2006-05-15 [*Leric*]: page 16..?

2006-05-15 [Amiantos Khronos]: o-o

2006-05-15 [*Leric*]: ko kok kokokokokokokokokk koko ko ko koko kacho

2006-05-16 [Amiantos Khronos]: O.o You know what? I think I should delete my name from this, cuz I never Rp here. O_O You guys go ahead!

2006-05-17 [Yuichi♥]: im pretty much out

2006-05-19 [*Leric*]: *cries*

2006-05-21 [Draugur dauðans]: Wow.. allot happend here. not.

2006-07-06 [faey]: herm. *walks through the door* hiiiiiii all ^^ could i possibly join???

2006-07-06 [*Leric*]: Go ahead, we need the moment most members are in-active

2006-07-25 [Draugur dauðans]: Most of us are either working, having computer problems, school, or a nomber of problems or a combination of such.

2006-07-25 [*Leric*]: ..I see...Oh well.........

2006-10-05 [Akeatia]: HEWWO!

2006-10-06 [*Leric*]: aloh. I've got a new rp going, since this one died like..a year ago

2006-10-07 [Yuichi♥]: every rp ive been in died...

2006-10-09 [*Leric*]: mine hasn't died

2006-10-21 [Akeatia]: YAY!

2007-01-03 [Draugur dauðans]: damn this is SLOW!

2007-01-03 [*Leric*]: psh.this is dead. like flatlined. I started a new rp so most people are in there now

2007-01-03 [Draugur dauðans]: ah. what is it?

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