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Vampire Wiki

This is the list of the vampiric wikis:

Blood Bar
Blood lust
City of Mist
Estate on the Outskirts
Full Moon Town
House on the Outskirts
Las Noches
Night falls
Oronra Estate
^Real Vampires^
The Creed
The Guild of the Vampyr
The House of Ventrue
The Vampire Sanctuary
True Vampires
Vampire Castle
Vampire Guild
Vampire's Guild
Vampire Haven
Vampire Hunters
Vampire Lovers
Vampire: the Masquerade
Vampires of the world
Vampires+Vampaneze unity
Vampiric Tendencies
Young Vampires

27 wikis

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2004-08-28 [Praise Adonai]: check my sn, is that good enough? is it? Is IT??

2004-08-28 [Adrien]: Hey, whoever edits this thing, my vampire wiki Vampire Haven is up and running. Check it out.

2004-11-02 [INVICTUS]: vampres in, or vampire sin? ..... vampy resin? yay three names in one..... ^.^

2004-11-09 [FireGypsy]: If you guys like Mythologial Vampires...come check out my Wiki on real Vampires =(^_^)= ^Real Vampires^

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