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2006-07-21 11:46:38
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This is the truth about vampires, for all you people who like them, or are new recruits.
1. Crosses and holy water doesn't harm us, and all garlic does is give you bad breath.
2. Vampires can't stand sunlight, but we can stay in it for about 5-6 hours before we die. We don't die in a puff of smoke, we just burn.
3. Vampires age 10x slower than humans, and half-vampires (as the name sugests) age 5x slower.
4. We need blood to live, but we also need normal food as well.
5. Vampires are stronger and faster than the average human, and half-vampires are half as strong as vampires.
6. We do have blood, and we also have a pulse.
7. Even though we are in the ranks of the undead, we are not actually dead, as we can still be killed.
8. Vampire Generals roam around the earth, looking for threats to the Vampire and human race. e.g. mad or evil vampires, and deal with them accordingly.
9. No matter what you think, we are not evil. (apart from a few exceptions.) I can say you are evil if you eat meat, it's the same sort of thing. (Don't go on about it if you are a vegetarian.) We just need blood to live. It's a necessity for vampires.
10. A full-vampire can withstand practically any torture.
11. We call the process of turning someone into a vampire, "Blooding".
12. To turn someone into a vampire, you bite them, and through a hollow bit in your teeth, inject them with some of your blood. (A bit like a snake with poison.)
13. A half-vampire can't blood someone, as the vampire gene has not completely attacked the body yet.
14. You have to be a half-vampire before you become a full-vampire because the shock on the body would be too great.
15. To become a full vampire, you get more blood injected into you. The slang term (and the term when you are around people) for turjning into a full-vampire is "Re-Vamping."
16. You have to wait at least a month before you can become a full vampire.
17. If you are still a half-vampire after about fifteen years, the vampire gene will start to take over without being blooded again. this is called "The Purge".
18. It takes a very long fall to kill a vampire, and vampires can live after a fall from 7 stories high.
19. We are harder to kill than humans, but we are not indestructable.
20. Vampires don't kill when they drink, but drink regularly.
21. We cannot drink from certain animals, like cats and any kind of lizards. Other vampire's blood is also bad. If we drink a lot, we will die, but if you drink a little, you will be ill for about two days, and throw up a lot.
22. We cannot live off of animal blood alone in the long run, and need human blood.
23. Babies that come from vampires aren't born vampires as the gene is rejected before child birth. It isn't safe to blood someone until they are at least 2 years old.
24. If we drink from children, they die, so it is forbidden in the Vampire Rites.

I hope that has enlightened you about the truth of vampires. Please come again.

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2006-09-10 [cap'n sharkbait - the sword test dummy]: Huh... sounds a lot like Darren Shan...

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