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These are the rules and regulations that every vampire follows. If they don't you are exiled or killed, depending on the rule broken. There will be a fair jury, but normally we don't relax the punishments. (p) means polite, and no punishment will be served, but you will be shamed. (k) means that is an offence where you will be killed, and (o) means an old rule, and it is not enforced. Normally you will not be punished or shamed for that, but you still need to know it so you can respect the elders, who normally follow that rule. If it is blank at the beginning, it is an offence where you need to be exiled.

1. (k) You cannot drink from children, as that will kill them.
2. You are not allowed any ranged weapons, like guns or bows and arrows.
3. (p) If you are in the Halls of Sport and someone challenges you, you have to accept the challenge, no matter how big the other guy is. (an exception is when you have had a recent injury where you can't walk or move properly, but most people are up for the challenge anyway. If your eye has been popped out, it does not give you an excuse to turn down the challenge.)
4. (o) You have to make your own weapons.
5. (o) You have to wear clothes from natural materials.
6. (p) On your journey up Vampire Mountain, you are not allowed to wear shoes, socks, or use any climbing equipment.
7. (p) Apprentices cannot blood other people without their Masters permission.

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