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Vampire related creatures

Other creatures who share certain characteristics with Vampires.

- Chinese mythology

The Jiang Shi are reanimated corpses who absorb life essence of other creaturs. They are also called Chinese vampires or hopping corpse.

- Celtic mythology

- Germanic mythology

- Greek and Roman mythology

The greek Erinyes who are equal to the roman furies are personifications of vengeance. In Aeschylus "The Eumenides" they are said to drink the blood of the corpse of their victims. by Gregory P. Gibbons.

- Other mythologies

Sources: Das Schwarze Netz (German page, and Wikipedia

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2007-04-05 [xido]: added a p in vampire. Good info.

Can I ask who the artist of the Elfwood work is? If it is not your own, it could use a reference to the artist/work in the text. This is of course, only input. ;)

2007-04-13 [Sue Falkenkralle]: thanks. no it's not my own, good idea :)

2007-04-22 [Jitter]: Actually Erinyes don't drink the blood of their victims. They are the avengers of wrong, what today would be thought as guilt. A greek equivalent creature of the vampire would be Vrikolakas and it comes from folklore rather than Mythology :)

2007-04-26 [xido]: Interesting. :D Do you have any sources? APA Formatting is easy.

2007-05-23 [Artsieladie]: I added an "r" to "other" & a capital "T" on "They". Curious...which is it: Do the Erinyes drink their victim's blood or not? (Read the page & Jitter's comment.) :)

2007-05-24 [xido]: Thank you very much. I would also be curious to see a source or two cited for this info, since I am only aware of the Erinyes from D&D's creatures...

2007-05-24 [Artsieladie]: *nods* :)

2007-07-07 [Sue Falkenkralle]: Das Schwarze Netz is often a good source, but since we're talking about mythology there are probably serveral versions. The one I know is that the Erinyes punish mostly incest and matricide and drink the blood of their victims, probably because those comitted crimes gainst "their own blood". But like I said, that's just one version.
I haven't found anything about Vrikolakas, but if someone has he/she should add it, I think :)

2007-09-02 [Adaman]: Try looking up "Vrykolakas", it'll help with the search. is a good link to start from.

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