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2010-05-21 18:20:00
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<Rimg150*0:stuff/Vampire_Knight_Anime_Show_review.jpg>I watched all 13 episodes of Vampire Knight, and all 30 episodes of Vampire Knight Guilty. I haven't read any of the comics, but I bet there just as good as the show. My favorite characters was Former Vampire Hunter Kaien Cross, and Kaname Kuran the pure blood. The twist at the end was very surprising. I believe I learned three phrases in Japaneses. It was extremely good, and I would recommend to any anime lover.
/ [Aly Brooke]

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2011-04-20 [Alexi Ice]: I've read the manga! It was amazing. Though I have yet to see the anime *cries*

2011-05-25 [Aly Brooke]: You can watch both seasons on
That's what I did. ;D

2011-05-26 [Alexi Ice]: Oh! Free anime! Yay!! <3 <3 <3

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