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Valentine Poetry 11, Page 1

Elftown Valentine Competitions




How to post your entry:
Add your poem after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget to write your username and the title of the entry:

1. <b>"Title"</b>
Written by [insert user name]

There is NOT a theme! Just Valentine's Day in general!

DEADLINE: February 21, 2011.

Make sure the entries fit the theme, or they will be disqualified.


1. A Broke Valentine's

A bunch of flowers, and he showers,
Me in gifts galore.
Because he knows, and tries to show,
That he loves me more.
A dinner date, I can't be late,
This outfit is brand new.
I feel bliss, when we kiss,
Because I love him, too.
I'm more mature, of that I'm sure,
But he does his best.
And I can see, he's it for me,
Of that there's no contest.
Red and white, combined delight,
He gives a card to me.
I give him one, I think it's fun,
What a blast this can be.
He's my honey, we spent no money,
This year for Valentine's.
The date was home, and we're alone,
Gifts come in all kinds.
I must confess, this could be a mess,
But our love is strong.
This Valentine's Day, I will say,
Nothing can go wrong.

Written by [Flisky]

2. My Heart

Why does my heart feel this way?
Why does my heart burn for you with such desire?
Why does my heart sing like an angelic choir?
What is it that my heart wants me to say?
Why do I think about you all day?
Why does my heart burn for you like an eternal fire?
Why does your name make my heart soar so much higher?
When I hear your voice will my heart scream Yay?
I know now why my heart feels like this
When I talk with you I'm never blue
My heart will soar high when we kiss
While we're apart it's you that I miss
I know now that I'm in love with you
My dear Valentine you fill my heart with bliss

Written by [~Crimson Angel~]

3. Fell for a punk –

Maybe I fell for a punk
Who treated me right
And we spent Valentines day
Out of sight

And maybe I fell for a Vamp
Who sucked my blood
And didn’t care
When I called him a tramp

Maybe I fell for a girl
With pretty blue eyes
And we traded kisses
While dancing we twirl

Maybe I fell for a jock
He’d be hot and blond
He’d take me somewhere nice
And we wouldn’t talk

Maybe I fell for a line
It was sweet and stupid
But unlike the others
My nerdy boy said ‘girl you so fine.’

Maybe I fell for a holiday
But didn’t want candy or flowers
It’s attention that I crave
‘I love you’ is all you have to say.

Maybe I fell for you
Who said those words
And loved me forever
And said ‘I do’

Written by [Alexi Ice]

4. Synonyms of Desire

The D stood for depravity,
A crawling penchant for the mad and the grotesque.
As for other variations, like hearts and other declarations,
I myself was not fond of the ordinary, so weary with over-use.
Valentine, oh the irony.
Bitter and palpable - like soft fur over burgundy.
No, it was much more of a wanting than a needing,
Comparable to the seeding of newness - untouched perfection.
And as for the breeding of contempt and hatred,
Oh darling, you were but dreaming as I was whispering -
Desire, desire, and other meanings.

Written by [Rice]

5. Valen's Day.

The hour was darkest - and as with the cold winter my heart did flutter and bite back.
Lonesome and coiled, a wire of turmoil wrapped around my body.
Sharp and prodding.
It was not the time for such emotions, damn it I promised,
Many a secret thing, dirtied and weary with neglect.
Like hand prints ripping out to strike at the air, at me.
Did I do this?
The reflections are tearing away from again, and - for all the sickness it's worth.
The fallen valen does wonders to ease my soul.
Caressing and infatuating,
And in hindsight ever so cunning.

Sticking in the mouth like the sweetest honey.

Written by [Rice]

6. Crush

The paper slips,
rips, tears.
Red ink in pieces.
It crinkles
under your cold black boots
and runs into dark puddles
beneath the streetlamp
where I stand

watching your back.

Written by [Chimes]

7. Jars

The jars are stacked in threes;
the shelves creak
in protest to
your wandering
hands. They watch,
eyeless and bleating,
beating out
as the next one comes in.

Your rose kisses
her skin, soft.
They pulse
against the glass. Labels crinkled,
One last cry - from her -
it's over.

The jars are stacked in threes
each labelled,
neat, with a date and a last
cold kiss.
The shelves creak.
One more for the collection,
Feb 14th.

Written by [Chimes]

8. The collector

I collected them like Cupid
One love to the other
We couldn’t share the feeling
Nothing to discover

I shot people with arrows
Till’ love stained the light
We stayed in the bedroom
Kept out of sight

I danced on my wings
And sung lightly my song
No matter the circumstance
We can’t move along

The cards stacked in doorways
Where they are locked away
No chocolates offered
On this Valentine’s day

We drink champagne in painted glass
Red ruby lips stained
It might be just our love
That is not yet contained

Carefully I gather all the presents round
And we sit down together
Sharing another Valentine’s day
Always, and forever.

Written by [Alexi Ice]

9. Overruled

Where that i where strong enough to turn away
I can't run from you
I just crawl back to you
In your presence my heart has known no shame
Yet every humiliation born of man.
It's killing me, confusing me
Why so hard to chose
Between the pleasure an the pain?
I know what's wrong and what is right
But even if i try to win that fight
My heart would overrule my mind

You've brought my heart to its' knees
It's killing me when you're away
I want to leave but i want to stay
It was into the night that we stole away
The haunting love and your embrace
Would overrule my mind
In one strong memory
Because i'm not strong enough
To leave a love upon which the sun has set.

You're snow white hair an emerald irises
It's killing me
The memory
I don't want to leave yet i don't want to stay
I know what is wrong
And i know what is right
But even if i try to win the fight
My heart would overrule my mind.

Written by [Talos Cyrion]

10. The Other 364 (Are Just As Good)

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Seems so redundant when I'm around you.
Of course the flowers are vibrant in color!

Sweet little rhymes and la-la's of joy
Hardly do justice to you, lover-boy.
Of course my heart sings loudly, now!

Chocolate's not sweet, compared to your kisses,
It's bitter, in fact, not like your lips on this Mrs.!
Of course your lips are finer than candy!

So Valentine's Day's just another day of the year,
Another day together, in love, you and me, my dear.
Of course.

Written by [Nioniel]

11. Give Me Your Heart

Give me your heart
I'll wrap it in lace,
stained red with the blood
of a dying beat.
Or perhaps in chiffon
to permit it the chance
to breathe its last
in luxury.

I'll not give you mine,
I'll not give you mine
for you haven't a box
that could keep it.
It would beat and shout
and jump right on out
unless you have ways
you don't speak of.

But give me your heart
I promise I'll keep it
nice and neat - tucked away
I'll share it with none,
keep it far from the sun
so it can die on this
Valentine's Day.

Written by [Roma]

12. Valentine Greeting Bittersweet

The bouquet of roses in their fancy vase,
Their mild scent released as I brush one against my face.
Adorned with baby's breath for a special touch,
Beautiful they are. I thank him very much.

The chocolate heart cradled in its box of crimson red,
Beckons me to taste it and savour without dread.
Its sweetness is wonderful, velvety smooth,
If it could only wipe away and soothe,
The tears deep inside, the ache that's always there,
Free my torn up heart and magically repair.

Sitting atop the mantle, a card specially designed,
With eloquent words of passion, sincerely signed.
To say the perfect meaning, carefully chosen text,
Fulfillment is expected, gratitude follows next.
But in all its beauty, the greeting only burns,
A deeper sense of passion in my heart it yearns.

My thoughts are in transition, although thy self is here.
My dreams serve as transport to place me close and near
The one who truly holds the key, his name I cannot say,
But my spirit is with him on this St. Valentine's Day.

Written by [Artsieladie] © 2011

13. Flowers and Chocolate

My heart on my sleave
Hope for love to be returned
I knock on the door

Written by [pegasus1000]

14. My Prize

My dear, I've wanted you for some time.
With this simple poem, I'll make you mine.
Your shape, your curve, you look so grand,
But if I lose, you'll end up bland.
My lust for you shall never sway,
You'll end up in my house to stay.
It's sad, though, you ain't got no vag,
But you'll soon be mine, Valentine Poetry Badge.

Written by [Mortified Penguin]

15. Another Poem?!

My other poem has made me pensive,
The last lines may be deemed offensive,
So, in case it gets deleted,
I'll make another, so I won't get cheated.
But how do I make this one Valentine related?
More often than not, my poems are hated.
I'll have to add a little love and romance,
I'll add so much, it'll be fruitier than France.
So a man and a woman both fell in love, right?
They met one solemn, stormy Summer's night.
She was cold, so he gave her his coat,
She hugged him close, he nuzzled her throat.
She embraced him and kissed him, their passion afire,
But she realized too late, that he was a vampire!
He sunk his teeth into her neck and drew forth some blood,
She resisted, she struggled, her tears were as a flood.
The old vampire paid her no mind, he just kept drinking,
"This is it! It's the end," she started thinking.
She fell from his arms, landing hard on the floor,
But she wasn't quite dead, she arose once more.
She was a vampire now, it was all quite clear,
"Join me in flight, we will live together forever, my dear!"
Holding hands with one another, the took off in flight.
They flew away together, into the night.
"There, is that good enough? Can I get my badge now?"
Mortified Penguin said, furrowing his handsome brow.

Written by [Mortified Penguin]


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2011-01-24 [Alexi Ice]: Ohhhh, Rice. I have to say! M-A-Zing!

2011-01-24 [Rice]: Oh wow, thanks 8'D

2011-01-25 [~Crimson Angel~]: I AGREE!

2011-01-27 [Akayume]: You should bold your title [Rice]. (;

2011-01-28 [Rice]: Done!

2011-01-28 [Akayume]: Merci. (:

2011-01-28 [Rice]: Pazhalusta!

2011-02-10 [Chimes]: Silvie, does Crush fit the theme enough? :]

2011-02-10 [SilverFire]: The test: the paper being torn is a valentine card, yes?

2011-02-10 [Chimes]: Valentines card/love note, yep. :)

2011-02-10 [Alexi Ice]: Ohhhh, I like it

2011-02-11 [Alexi Ice]: All these poems are sooooo awesome this year ~

2011-03-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: Was a winner already picked/announced and if not who decides the winner, do the elftowners vote in a poll or are there judges that pick?

2011-03-30 [Alexi Ice]: They usually put the winners up when the art and photo winners come out ^^ <3 Hope that helps.

2011-03-30 [Linderel]: Re: who decides the winners - the Council members act as judges in all official writing contests. It is more effective to have a panel than to wait for enough votes from the general population. The winners of those contests which have more than one category, such as these holiday ones, are all announced simultaneously, like Akane already mentioned.

2011-03-30 [Akayume]: Speaking of Lin... :P *poke*

2011-03-30 [Linderel]: Yes yes I'll get to it. Life has me busy y'know.

2011-03-30 [Akayume]: I knowwwww. I poke around.

2020-11-28 [Mortified Penguin]: I STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED THAT BADGE.

2020-11-29 [Alexi Ice]: You don’t deserve one

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