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Valentine Poetry Competition


Winners: Valentine Poetry Competition, 2006

"Cuse of the Roes"

by [I stabbith ye]

"Drink You Pretty"

by [Cookieholic]


by [mesaana]

”My Valentine Forever”

by [Artsieladie]

"A Wizard's Failing"

by [spiritee]


Thank you to all that contributed!


This contest is closed!


Reminder 1: Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.
Reminder 2: There is a theme. It is (TBA)

1. Entry removed for being too short
Written by [Raiff]

2. Slight

You scathe me with what you say,
Not one hint of our former love can be traced.
And I'm dodging the blows,
As your mouth forms them.
The same that from once came passion,
Now comes sour turbulance.
You lash out at me,
Because I represent everything you cannot cope with in reality.

Written by [Raiff]

3. My Love

I pray the surroundings around you
will not give you fear.
Just know the love I have for you
in my heart is dear.
My love for you is as true and pure
as gold.
May your spirit shine bright and
never grow old.
You brought happiness into my life,
God, I can't wait to be your wife.
Your heart is wonderful and I will
treasure it 'til I die.
Being with you is fabulous and I feel
as if I can fly
You are not only my love but
also my best friend.
I would die know that
our friendship will never end.

Written by [!*Hippy*! ♥Marie♥]

4. Walking Through the Darkness.

Walking through the darkness, all alone
Walking through the darkness, scared and unknown
Stopping and trying to see, but blackness is all around her
Slowly she walks trying to find something...
Slowly she walks trying to find Love...
Walking through darkness, Tears streaming down her pale face
Walking all alone and lost in the darkness of her life.

Walking and walking, then feeling something, a hand
Slowly she turned to see a boy, her age, standing behind her
She knew him, and knew him well, he smiled kindly
Even though he to was all alone.
She smiled kindly, but never knew
How much he loved her too

Walking through the darkness, cold and alone,
A hole was up ahead of her, but she couldnt see
She fell into it, screaming for help
But there he was, that lonely boy
Holding her close, and stopping her fall
He hugged her close and whispered, "I'll never let you go."
She hugged him tight and stayed in his arms
Then in her ear, he whispered, "I love you."
She smiled and whispered, "I love you too." Then she kissed his cheek
He pulled away and stared into her eyes, "I live in darkness..." He was sad saying it.
She smiled and whispered, "So do I."
He smiled and kissed her lips softly.

Walking through the Darkness, happy and true,
They walk in Darkness, Hand in hand,
Because their Love is true.
Written by [~*Luna*~]

5. Love Of My Life

He holds my hand,
The flicker of his eyes bring shivers down my spine,
We glare into each others eyes,
While sipping wine,

The wind blows my hair into my face,
He brings his hand forward and brushes my hair away,
He holds me closely,
We come together very slowly,
Our lips touch,
I just hope this feeling never ends.

Written by [Sesil]

6. Angel
Some people believe angels are myths and legends
That are created in the bible.
But do angels really exist?
I have seen a few angels in my life.
I'm here to tell you about an angel in my school.

She is so beautiful, she takes my breath away every time
I see her.
She may be different, but she is lovely nonetheless.
She has true beauty, both inside and out.
I can't help but look into her eyes, hear her voice
And wonder what she is thinking.

When the day seems dark and nothing more than a hell hold,
She brightens it.
Her amazing smile is like a warm, clear summer day.
Her tears are like the darkest days, the days that I hate.

It's two years too late, and I can't change the fact
That she loves another person.
But her friendship is all I need; as long as we are both happy,
I wouldn't have it any other way,
For that true friendship can never die.
I'll never forget you, my blue-eyed angel, and you have a place in my heart.

Written by [sleepyscotty]

7. Today.

Today the fairies dance and sing,
Feathers fall from angel wings,
The roses seem so red and pure,
'I love you', are these words for sure.
Then the day twists like an angel gone wrong,
To eachother you no longer belong.
Death comes to dance on the love that you feel,
Killing all that was so real.
The red from the rose now runs down your arm,
Along with the pain and the life and the harm.
The Tears that drip so cold against your cheeks,
The devils lonely curse, he does speak.
The darkness that you feel inside,
Along with the love you try to push aside.
The only kiss that now touches your skin,
Is the one from the razor to kill the pain within.

Written by [Moonshdow13]

8. Curse of the Rose
True love it bends, with awesome power,
By the rose itself, a magical flower.

No Witch can match its beauty and grace,
A touch on the lips, and hooked by taste,
For the rose creates a potion strong,
In love you’ll fall, forever long.

A gift from him to her you’ll see,
A single rose, yes, must be,
For symbol of love it is for you,
But you do not know what the rose can do…

Now creatures of all have gone to war,
To fight for maidens of whom they saw,
Elves and Goblins, a chivalrous knight,
All end in tragedy on their plight.

Why? you ask, And answers you seek,
Well the answer is one of some bleak:
True love it bends, with awesome power,
By the rose itself, a cursethed flower.

Written by [I stabbith ye]

9. A Knight's Letter

My lady so fair and beautiful born
Thy eyes so bright, thy hair as corn
My eyes never rest, 'til they see you
Angel of heaven, what more can I do?

For thee alone I'd travel the world's face
Bring thee treasures, for one loving embrace
Full of rage and passion ride to fight
That evil dragon scaring you in the night!

Cast aside thou promised prince
Ride with me, be happy ever since
Sun shining bright over thy skin
Looking at thee must be mortal sin!

Oh, sweet maiden, dear love of mine
Wilst thou forever be my Valentine?
Give me your blessing of true Amor
-Thy loving Knight in Shining Armour

Written by [Blood Raven]

10. Love me

I ask you love me, why and you do

Listen to my words and hear what I say
Omit none of my words to you as I speak
Voice your opinions as I go along and tell me what you think
Everything I say to you true

You are the world to me and I love you
Our hearts should be one and nothing should stop us
Unknown words do I speak to you as I look at you, I love you

Written by [dark cleric]

11. You

You could lose me in the depth
Lose me in the wave
But only you can bring me back
Only you can save

Me, to be lost with you forever
In the deepest sea of souls
Would ignite the fire within me
Hot enough to warm the coals


Hell, I could walk across it
With you always by my side
So stay with me forever
So I no longer have to hide

Written by [Goldice]

12. While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping
I counted the stars
and saw one that would match your eyes
so I pulled it down
and draped it round
your throat so sweet

While you were sleeping
I took a swim
and met a fish
who could cast a dream
I gave up mine to give you yours
and felt so warm when you smiled

While you were sleeping
there was a star
that flew by
and left a light
by which to gaze
upon your face

While you were sleeping
I watched the moon set
over waters calm
the stars fade into light
as you stirred
and grasped for me

While you were sleeping
I wove a spell
to make you dream
and cast a charm
to make you smile
all while you were sleeping

Written by [Rennie]

13. Princess, You Are Mine

Face pressed
Against cold hard bars: Caged like an Animal

Delicate patterns
Created by slithers of light. Filtering through
Intricate metal soldered patiently together
Old and ancient
Still strong enough to serve its purpose

Not enough light
To see the details of the room
But plenty to paint a pattern on old fashioned tiled floors

Long and thin
Lit by a single lamp: Lacking all signs of comfort
Excepting a worn arm chair and dresser

Ladder to the bed room
Older than the room itself; but a recent addition to this muddled environment
The bed above the room: small and narrow and hard and cold
No light in the attic. No need for light when sleep comes knocking on your door

Face pressed
Against cold brittle glass
Reflection on a life like this
The life on a peasant girl: too beautiful for her own good
Kidnapped by Power. Trapped by Wealth

Lust for outside
Lust for warmth
Lust for love
Overwhelming the peasant girl

A pet: Keep locked in a cage
Don't run away, You are Mine
My Precious... Princess

Written by [Corazie]

14. First Love

Looking down with blushing cheeks
Being too afraid to speak
Timid kisses filled with truth
Oh, the virtuous love of youth

Picking flowers, holding hands
Voyaging in foreign lands
Believing you can’t be replaced
Innocence so pure and chaste

Learning how it is for real
Wounds you think will never heal
Soon it is a time long past
And you realize it could never last

Written by [Elegy - gone]

15. Entry removed for containing errors
Written by [Ace118]

16."For my true love on Valentines Day"

I wrote this poem for the one I love just to say I care.
To post it up and show the world how much I love you dear.
When we hold hands as we stroll through the park.
When we kiss under the moonlight in the dark.
When you hold me when I am cold.
It means the world to me you just don't know.
When you pick flowers for me or wipe my tears.
You always remind me theres nothing to fear!
Our love is so precious, Our love is so real.
Thats why I wrote this poem to tell you how I feel.
I love you now as I loved you then.
And forever in my heart you will be my Lover, my Protecter, my Beautiful, Beautiful Friend.

Written by [Christina Loves Adam]

17. Goodnight Kiss

I cannot say it isn’t nice
When you are by my side,
I cannot say that when you look
That I will ever hide.

It’s not the fact your eyes don’t pull me
Down into your heart,
It's not the way your kiss in dreams
Makes me wake with a start.

It’s just that moment when you close
Those eyes and fall asleep
That my gaze rests on your form
And I try not to weep.

I can’t help but trace your face
In this soft blue light,
And I can’t stop the tears of love
As I kiss you goodnight.

Written by [Estantia]

18. The Sun and the Stars

I'll wish upon this forlorn star
and you'll find me here, praying
for a little piece of your love.
I would give anything to feel your
loving gaze, to feel your lustful
touch. I wish you were mine.

I'll hope with every ounce of my
soul that you'll notice my fervent
glances in your direction. I would
do anything to make you laugh, and
I would share with you everything if
it made you happy. I love you.

Maybe you and I aren't meant to be,
but I'll hope and pray that we are.
I would give you the sun to make your
day brighter, and the stars, to make
your nights shine. Even if I cannot
be with you, I'm here for you.

Your smile is the perfect Valentine.

Written by [Raziel Ahnara]

19. Happy Valentine, dear

As I stand in front of your door
With a single rose in my hand
I try to ring the bell
The noise sounds heavy, I wonder if I’m ready
But without you it is a hell

As I stand in front of your door
With a single rose in my hand
At least an hour has passed
Perhaps you aren’t home, perhaps you didn’t want me to come
Time will tell how long this love will last

Your doorstep is empty
On the threshold a single rose
No one home, your intension is crystal clear
I left a puddle mixed with tears and rain, one broken heart filled with pain
And a little card, with reads ‘happy valentine, dear’

Written by [Teufelsweib]

20. Flowers

Happy Valentines Day, dear
You nearly missed it, I fear

And forget about this lovely sight
Why that would take a god's might

Flattery will get you nowhere
Unless, of course, you want to go there

You'll find, my love
I'm not that easy to get rid of

I'll prove to you my love is true
Take a look, enjoy the view

Each of those flowers new
I planted, dear, just for you

Written by [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]

21. Love's Swordsman (Or, Desire's Valentine)

Love's archer
is Cupid.
But love's swordsman
is Desire, and she
is the trickiest,
the most skillful,
at what she does.
As the smoke
from her cigarette
curls into the air
(forming the shape
of a heart)
she feints left,
slashes right,
parries once,
then thrusts her blade
into your heart.
Desire overwhelms;
there is no resisting
when she
enters the fight...

Written by [Eveningsdawn]

22. Entry removed for containing errors
Written by [Eveningsdawn]

23. I love the way.

I love the way you talk
I love the way you sing
I love the way you stare at me
With you eyes just glistening
I love the way you calm me down
When I am so sad
I love the way you hug me tight
And kiss me when I'm mad
I love all things about you
If you laugh or cry
If you left me forever
I swear that I would die
When I look into your eyes
Sparkling with blue
Theres one thing I'll always say
And thats that I love you!!

Written by [Piercedskull]

24. What love can do…

I forgot about love once,
Faith left me a long time ago,
Feeling helpless,
Seeking in the dark.

But those who seek will find.
It only needs one spark of light.
More hope second by second.
Out of solitary at once.

And now I am here.
I feel your soft fingers on my skin.
And I shiver while they softly discover my body.
I take your hands. And hold them with love.

Your sugar lips taste sweet on mine.
Like something I never tasted before
Happiness takes part of my spirit.
And while you kiss me we fly away.

The rhythm of love
Two bodies, two minds,
But now melting to one.
In a bright sunlight.

And all the fearful feelings I had.
Turn into nothing.
The faith I lost returns.
When I am lying in your arms…

You saved me…the world is bright with you by my side.
You saved me…I love you, be my valentine….

Written by [Ishje]

25.  Lonely Valentine

I am crying again
As I do every single year,
Never once have I had
Someone hold me near.
As I sit on my own
I remember good times,
When I was so very happy
with you always by my side.
Never got a rose
Not even a happy card,
Not a box of chocolates
Living this day is very hard.
Couples are walking
Past my house hand in hand,
I hoped to be with you
But it's not as I planned.
I'll curl up so very tight
and sit here on my own,
I'll wipe away every tear
While I stare at my phone.
Just a message to tell me
Your thinking of me today,
But 'til then I'll deal with it
In my own lonely way. 

Written by [IceFae]

26. I love you, dear

"How much do you love me?"
She asked him so sweetly.
He took her hand in his own,
And in such a soft tone,
He answered her,
"I love you more."
"That was not what I said."
Oh his chest she laid her head.
"Well, I love you for how you make me feel.
Like how around you, I can be real.
I love your laugh and your smile.
For you, I would walk a mile.
I love the way you're with me.
I love the way you make me free."
She sighed and smiled with a tear.
"I love you." She said, "I love you, dear."

Written by [Case Open]

27. Valentines Love

Valentines Day has come around once more,
Anxiously waiting for some flowers at my door,
Loving you has been an amazing chapter,
Even though I am writing this poem on the crapper,
Nice things have happened between you and I,
Thanks for the burnt pizza and raw apple pie,
I should feel glad that you cooked me a meal,
No one else has tried, so that means a great deal,
Every year passes, it’s been five hear me wail,
Some people get less time for being in jail,

Let me remind you, you should brush your teeth,
Or wear nicer clothes and some pants underneath,
Valentines love no matter what you do,
Even with your bad habits, my heart is for you!

Written by [farawaygone]

28. Cupid's Arrow

Cupid’s arrow
So straight yet narrow
He's hit his mark
Alas, my heart
'Tis true I love
And all above
Witness to my deeds
I'm in love with need
My passion at my door
A lover knocking and waiting
A quick check then let him in
Arms overflow with chocolates again!
A bouquet of red roses
A dozen for my love
Now fly away cupid
You've hit your mark
Leave me be to take hold of the art
The trade, the glory, and the joy
A valentine's tradition for lover
Oh boy!

Written by [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]

29. Painting Pictures on Valentine's Day

If I had to paint a portrait of you
with just one color,
I would chose the richly mottled
deep crimson-purple
you only get by mixing paints.
And I would paint it so that at first,
all you could see was the color;
but after a while of gazing,
you would see the patterns
and swirls of paint-on-paint
that outlined the curves
of your face -

Written by [Eveningsdawn]

30. love after death

I will never leave
these words are on her sleave
she wears them with pride
her flag she doesn't try to hide.

I will never die
these words are at his side
as they lower his box into earth
they forget of a time of rebirth.

and amidst the pain
thunder, lightning, rain
a soft crack of wood under ground
a second chance they've found.

Written by [1/2 of richmonds punks]

31. Thief

I stand before you accused of being a thief
You have charged me with stealing your heart
To this I say if it is a crime, then I'm guilty
But you see my beautiful love, There's a catch
I had to steal your heart away from you
For without it I would surely have parished
Because from the moment I heard your sweet voice
From the moment I held you in my arms tightly
From the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew
I knew deep within my soul, what had just happened
I needed your heart, I needed your soul, I needed you
Because you had stolen my heart and soul
You had stolen what was once tattered and torn
A heart that had been broken and trampled
I will not accuse you of stealing it, not at all
I would gladly give all of me to you forever
You are now the keeper of my heart, soul, body and mind
I love you, I will always love you, I am always yours

Written by [-dot-]

32. Salvation

You look so clean and pure there
Standing in the snow
You remind me of who I used to be
My dreams are gone now
Destroyed by what I know

Hope has left me
Nothing but a barren shell
You stand in the snow of my soul
And bring me back
From my own gated Hell

You dare high tides and freeze
In the blizzard of my heart
Ice and hail and wind swirls
You risk it all, you always have
Chancing death from the start

There was nothing,
Once upon a time
But you’ve saved me
You’ve brought me back
To bliss sublime

Written by [The real life Bella Swan]

33. Will You Be My Valentine?

Will you be my Valentine?
You know that I am yours.
You are as a raging sea
And I am as your shores.

You are like a flowing wave,
And I like your waiting land.
And I will wait forever as
You come to smooth my hand.

Will you be my Valentine?
You know that I am yours.
I love you with a love that yearns
To be your golden shores.

Written by [Stephen]

34. Romantic Beauty

To kiss those lips is a thing of bliss.
To hold thy hand is one of my dreams.
You are a treasure that is worth more then life.
I am just a glimmer in the picture of your life.

Little things could not convey how I feel.
Becuase your beauty is too much to conceal.
Your gentle words have picked me up.
I drink the juice from your life's cup.

Such a romantic thing that you are to me.
A simple gesture from you is all I need.
Why do you do these things to me?
Why are my thoughts so slurred when you look at me?

For your romantic beauty is got me inspired.
I look deep into your eyes and see the fire.
For one single kiss is what my heart desires.
I love you dearly and will keep on livin.

Written By [Draconius]

A Valentine heart breaker.

To live is to die..
To die is to live...
To hate is to love..
To love is to hate..
I thought that I would love you..
When you took me on a date.
But now I know
That you lied to me.
I never thought you'd go so low
Go away and let me be.
I've found another
That will not lie.
Just go away
I've found another guy.
One that will hold me tight
And hug me when I'm sad.
He'll purpously get me angry
Then kiss me when I'm mad.
Yes this guy I love the most
More than I love you.
And thats why now I say
"Get away from me you foo."

Written by [Piercedskull]

36. A Love Poem

How am I so blessed that you would love me?
God did smile upon our stars to pair us in devotion
And sent his sweet cherub to smite my heart
With love’s piercing arrow.
Soft sighs heaved in my breast at the sight of you,
My heart leapt within
When you turned your eyes to see me.
Dear Cupid did knock the arrow to his bowstring
To send love’s weakness also into your soul.
My darling! what grace bore you at that hour
To hold yourself a-stance
When our lips softly met in affection’s dizzying spell
And how faint with love you felt at my kiss,
My own spirit trembling within.
Now this fourteenth day of the second month
I again sense Cupid’s dart a-fire within my heart
When I look at you my comely wife,
Your elegant fingers plucking lightly upon harp strings
In melodic strains of love-borne airs.
Like the Shulamite girl to King Solomon are you to me.
Avert your eyes from me!
Your gaze is too much for me to bear;
For I am overcome with love for you, my bride.
In my arms you speak your tender words
Of vows spoken in solemn rectitude:
“All I refuse, and thee I choose.”

Written by [Dark Side of the Moon]

37. A Gift at Valentines

I wanted to give you a gift,
but I couldn't decide what to get.
Nothing I found seemed worthy of you...

I saw heart-shaped boxes of chocolates,
chocolates both tasty and sweet.
But they where nowhere near as sweet as you...

I saw silk-bound bunches of flowers,
fragnant and strikingly beautiful.
But they where nowhere near as beautiful as you...

I saw gold-wrought rings and necklaces,
Adorned with gems that shone bright.
But they shone nowhere near as bright as you...

I found only one thing that seemed worthy,
the one thing that means most to me.
I give you all my love for you.

Written by [Codename B]

38. Untitled

I wanna pull the night sky down around your shoulders.
Set the moon in your palm
As your smile smolders.

I wanna place the sunset atop a marigold's spire.
Touch your hands to my heart
After they've warmed in it's fire.

I wanna whisper a tune to the curious fireflies.
We'll accompany them with song
As their dance reflects in your eyes.

I wanna watch as the sky rains
petals of light
That encircle the trees
In halos so bright.
I wanna guide your eyes
When a star takes flight
And wish that your wish
Will come true tonight.

Written by [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]

39. Our Friendship

When I met you we were young
You pushed me to the floor
I hit you back and you smiled
Just friends and nothing more

When I cried you made me laugh
Though it probably was your fault
Then you’d smile when I hit you
What friendship has no fault?

When it got tough we stood strong
Together we faced the attack
All that mattered was that I had you
My friend you had my back

When it was cold I held your hand
Unaware of what had occurred
We danced together down the street
As friends but something stirred

When I realized it all made sense
But stuck me to the core
Why I smiled whenever you were near
I was your friend but I wanted more

When I told you how I felt
My heart seemed to beat so fast
Before you told me you felt the same
And I knew our friendship would last

Written by [Wuthering Heights]

40. My Darling Valentine

My Darling Valentine
I always seem to forget the time
When I'm around you my darling Valentine.

You are my hope, my shining light
Through cloudy day and foggy night
I am stronger when you hold me tight.

You always bring a smile to my lips,
You put magic in my fingertips
You hold me through all my stumbles and trips.

But you never let me fall
I know I can depend on you through it all
I can hold my head up and stand tall

Thanks to you my dear Valentine

Written by [Lady of Lore]

41. Neverending

Tell me there’s no need to be afraid
Tell me we still have tomorrow
Tell me our love will overcome the hate
Tell me it’ll wash away all the coming pain

You tell me we will run away from the darkness
You tell me we’ll be able to return to the light
You tell me there is still hope, there always is
And you tell me you’ll always be by my side

I believe your words, I listen to my heart
Forgetting the warnings of my mind
And I believe we will make that run
And that we will be free someday

I break down and cry as I see you fall
Your cheek is still warm under my touch
Your spirit has left your body behind
And I’m lost in the darkness alone

All the promises we never kept
All the plans we never made come true
All the dreams I had about us, all the love
All shattered, all gone

And yet the love is still here
In my heart
You’re still standing by my side

Written by [-Orion-]

42. True Love always finds a way

He left without a word,
and nothing to say.
Her heart was broken,
on a very special day.

Years had passed by quickly,
and she never found another.
She felt she had lost him,
her one and only lover.

As days marched on,
he began to feel shame.
He had promised his heart,
and to give her his name

Time ticked on slowly,
and finally they cracked.
They found one another,
and then made a pact.

He'd be her valentine,
if she would be his.
They never felt better,
and the message is this:

True Love always finds a way.

Written by [Mistress of Marionettes]

43. Alone

On this half-lit day,
Where no sounds have come,
All words echo,
And I cry to the heavens above,
“Why have you left me?
Why have you gone?
Without you I have felt
Only the kiss of the wind
And the cold earth’s embrace,
Leaving my hardened heart behind
I travel this weary road alone.”
And with all my heart I loved you
But darkness came,
And though you were valiant,
It took you in my arms
Leaving only a shadow of your beauty.
I will never forget
The feel of your moon-cream skin
Nor the caress of your fair lips,
Though I shall never realize them again
Until I meet you beyond the sea
And this day of twilight
Which leaves me cold and alone
Will finally see the morning sun.

Written by [edheldae shadow-elf]

44. My Sweet Valentine

Roses are red
The sky is blue.
Every night I sleep,
I think about you.
There's no dening,
I love you.
Roses are red,
My blood is too.
I'd spill it,
Just for you.
Every day, we aren't together
My soul breaks.
So I plead,
Love me.
Love me so.

Roses are Red.

Written by [Dark Necromancer]

45. Valentine's Day

Snowflakes falling gently down,
Down to lie on the roofs of the town,
Owls find their woodland beds,
Sleepy now, they tuck their heads,
'neath sheltering wing,
As morning birds begin to sing.
Now the town begins to wake,
Now the dawn begins to break,
The sun comes up ray by ray,
And now it's time for Valentine's Day!

Written by [RiddleRose]

46. Entry removed for containing errors
Written by [too dark]

47. Entry removed due to plagerism, [♥Single and Looking/Hating It..♥] banned from submission
Written by [♥Single and Looking/Hating It..♥]

48. A Valentine to Remember

The love was deep,
The spirit strong,
Then suddenly
It all was gone.

He loved me much,
I loved him more,
Yet as I lay there,
He walked out the door.

Maybe I was overbearing,
How can compete with that,
I wish his love could find me unwary,
Take me into his arms again.

I heart the world,
It's spirit and soul,
His love filled me,
Just as a raven flies across the world.

Written by [AnnMiuka]

49. A hidden answer

Know what is important,
It might be gone when you turn around.
See what's true and never false,
Seek that one person to be found.

There you will notice what you value
Here you'll find what you lack.
Every where you truly seek the answers,
Open your eyes and behold their tracks.

Never give up on a true companion
Either today or tomorrow or the day after
Your happiness depends on your solutions
On the way you embrace both sorrow and laughter.

Uphold what you have on this day
Learn to pursuit your dreams
Open your heart and never be afraid
Verify your feelings and what it all means

Each line of this poem portrays a direction
New or old, forgotten or known for long
On a closer examination of the opening letters,
What you must do at the end of this song.

Written by [cobi]

50. Valentine

This is a day of flowers
This is a day of candy

This day was formed for love
And the stores do greatly cherish it

Yet I need no gift so show me your love
For daily do I receive it

And I could never find the perfect gift
To tell of my love for you

You could never give me a perfect day
All I desire are more everyday times with you

Love is an emotion
And love is action

Daily do I see your love
And pray I prove mine too

So may this day be filled with lith love
But also filled with memories

That reveal the love that only a lifetime can show.

Written by [elemental]


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