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Valentine Art Competition - 2006, Page 2

Please see the rules on the main page:

Valentine Art Competition

Winners: Valentine Art Competition 2006

<news:Winners Valentine contests 2006!>

                      By [Levoton]
                                          By [Yncke]

All submissions:
<i>This page.

Valentine Art 06, Page 1


Thank you to all that contributed!


This contest is closed!


Reminder 1: Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.
Reminder 2: Remember to follow the theme!

51. "Unwilling First Kiss" - [Kyrinn]

52. "St. Valentine" - [Iseld]

53. "cant live without you" - [Dragonartist]

54."Puppy Love" - [dimmu_borgir3212]

55. "Happy Valentine's Day" - [Rennie]

56. "Kraven and Tynuka" - [Tynuka-Rhytishy]

57. "Valentine Chick" - [mesaana]

58. "Come here handsome" - [Dragonhearted elfgirl]
(to be colored)

59. "Milu's Flower" - [Alexxei]
A cute flower for a cute girl.

60. "a vincent valenitine" - [*akuma*]

61. "Broken" - [Bobolama]

62. "Fire and Ice" - [Jewl]

63. "Be my Vallentine" - [madmal]

64. "A kiss from Valentine's Angel" - [The all powerful Midori]

65. "Finally home, love" - [Zab]

66. "Moonlit" - [Yncke]

67. Entry removed due to poor quality
[Jade Lee]

68. "Cold Blooded Love" - [Duredhel]
What? >_< Lizards are people too!... uhm.. actually.. they're not right? (unfinished)

69. "Everyone gotta start somewhere" - [Matevus]
I was actually asked to do something for my school for Valentines day but I thought i'd post it here too =P

70. "Young Love" - [Master Fio]

71. "No Title" - [Elisha Kelly]

72. "Shut Up and Eat Your Chocolate" - [Kay-chan]
A card for my dormmates.

73. "A Kiss For You?" - [Paz]
A fuzzy critter is giving his soul mate a valentines kiss :) (un-coloured version)

74. "A bleeding heart" - [Quellealcar]
Just another morbid valentine.

75. "Valentine" - [J. "dragonruler" Rouse]
For my boyfriend..

76. "Beren and Luthien Dancing" - [DeadSockMonster
An invented scene.

77. "Draconic Love-Fireheart and Stormbringer" - [Fireheart2233]
The resize messed with the quality and colors- but I'm still proud of it. My boyfriend and I as dragons.

78. "Breakfast in Bed" - [evilhamster]
Heart shaped pancakes! 8D

79. "May I Have This Dance?" - [ArkyLarky]
Yes, It's Riku from Kingdom Hearts and my character Areku. I couldnt think of any other couple to use! >_> But it's still cuuuute~...

80. Entry removed due to poor quality
[Angelic nightmares]


82. "No Title" - [-Nabz-]
..First attempt..

83. "I was making my way trough the cold night of February just to see you on this special day" - [m3_di]

84. "The Infernal Heart" - [Rolo]

85. "The Infernal Heart" II - [Rolo]
i put an affect on this version.

86. "You and I" - [Orouriel]

87. "Broken Hearted" - [Orouriel]
Some hearts get broken on Valentine's Day.

88. "Be Mine, Valentine" - [pixish]
yay :)

89. Traced art is not allowed in contests
[Angelic nightmares]

90. "True Love Will Alway Find A Way" - [SephirothFFVII]

91. "Glowing Love" - [Artsieladie]
Those little Cupid arrows can even work with Unicorns! (Larger version in my house.)

92. "This day would be nothing without you, love" - [Caterin S.]

93. "Love Obsessed Elf" ^___^ - [Acceber]

94. "The Love dragon" - [nunt]
Done on photoshop. First picture I've ever done with a tablet. Can't wait to give my boyfriend it on valentines day.

95. "The first kiss" - [DarkRedKrueger]

96. "Wishing upon a star" - [Ikko]

97. "Star of the Dreamer" - [Lady-Dia]

98. "Love in the Cauldron" - [Sir. Robert]

99. "Love Sleeps" - [ghostiegirl]
You would expect love to get a little tired after she had spent all day shooting arrows, wouldn't you? XD
Drawn by hand, coloured on photoshop.

100. "The Crest of Cupid" - [David the Good]

101. "Snake Charmer" - [Channy]
Just an embrace, o it happens everyday. I just want to hold you once more and close my eyes. Where are you?

102. "devotion sung" - [5thwitch]
Separated by destiny reunited by a song.

103. "Be mine" - [Mom]

104. "Anthro-Dragons' Valentines" - [Paul Doyle]
(inked art)


This contest is closed!


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2006-02-11 [ghostiegirl]: Ummm...How do you make your pics small and then when you click on them they open up another window and become larger??? Or should I just not bother????

2006-02-11 [Yncke]: When you insert your image, you use the img300: tag. (Hit edit this page en imitate the others. ) (Thanks, [Master Fio] :) )

2006-02-11 [ghostiegirl]: Okay...

2006-02-11 [akhirah]: crap, tis the 11th today, missed it u_u

2006-02-11 [5thwitch]: ....In extremis..sorry I'm always in late....

2006-02-11 [Yncke]: It's still in time, so I don't see any reasons to apologise. ;)

2006-02-11 [Kyrinn]: I like Snake Charmer. ^_^

2006-02-11 [5thwitch]: :D

2006-02-11 [Elisha Kelly]: I can't believe the amount of entries...

2006-02-11 [Kyrinn]: WOW [5thwitch] yours just loaded for me and its awesome! 

2006-02-12 [Kay-chan]: I think a lot of these are really possum (slang for awesome).

2006-02-12 [Elisha Kelly]: hee hee... I think so too. Especially mine :P hee hee. actually my fav is on page 1. :P but there are so many good entries, it will be a hard choice to pick a winner.

2006-02-12 [Kay-chan]: I pity the people who even have to pick ten out of these beauties. Mwahaha. They have their work cut out for them. XD

2006-02-12 [Elisha Kelly]: I know... hmmm I don't even know what 10 mine would be... yikes!! 10 per page maybe, but just 10 :P

2006-02-12 [Channy]: thanks Kyrinn =3

2006-02-12 [Elisha Kelly]: nice [Mom]

2006-02-12 [Sunrose]: The contest is closed! I'm sorry for not closing it on time, an hour before the deadline Elftown went down and since that was 12 am my time I decided to go to bed.

2006-02-12 [Sunrose]: [Channy], your image was not uploaded to Elftown and therefor removed from the entries. Post a proper Elftownlink today and I will include it in the crewpoll.

2006-02-12 [5thwitch]: thank you [Kyrinn]! there's a lot of talent showed in this contest...

2006-02-13 [ArkyLarky]: Good luck everyone! >w<

2006-02-13 [5thwitch]: thank you!! I wasn't lucky but I waiting for the winner

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