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2005-04-10 18:20:10
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[This is a page for you Usher lovers!!
 I am the Owner Nicole
] ([Im done with elftown]!)

     ICKY! My wiki is so plain! If you can help me please do, I have done this much by myself so far. I wanna make it interesting!


    [If you wanna be a member enter your name here!]

     Usher Lovers Members

Here are some links to Usher things:
       Usher Links



[Here are some pictires of the lovely, sexAy, USHER!]

       Usher pictures

Please, do not mess up my page. It sucks enough already.... But we all know Usher still rocks!

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2005-04-03 [Im done with elftown]: Ugh! I need alot of help on this. It sucks bad :'(

2005-04-10 [FiyHigher]: wow! your wiki is cool!!

2005-04-10 [Another Blank Page]: Oh my god! Usher sucks

2005-04-11 [FiyHigher]: oh yeah he does!!!!!

2005-04-13 [♥ good charlotte riot girl ♥]: stfu!!!! Usher's the bomb!

2005-04-13 [Another Blank Page]: yeess of course he is >.>

2005-04-18 [abcd400009]: hehehe...usher shud burn in hell

2005-04-26 [Elf masters_daughter]: Usher is what do you call oh F*I*N*E!

2005-04-26 [Another Blank Page]: Eff star eye star enn star eee star? yehh that made sense

2005-05-04 [Im done with elftown]: Usher is hott! Thats why he gets his own page! Usher is alot more famouse than you so dont be tellin NO ONE to burn in hell. I dont care who it is! No one should be that mean!

2005-05-06 [Another Blank Page]: dont be tellin no-one is a double negativ however you make a good point cause usher is a no-one so yeh a valid point

2005-08-05 [123.]: usher is the freaking shit!hes got 1 of teh hottest bodies ever!!!!!!!!!

2005-08-08 [Done and gone im all done]: Usher is the fucking bomb!

2005-08-29 [♥ good charlotte riot girl ♥]: hell yeah

2005-09-12 [Another Blank Page]: hmmmmm yes

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