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2004-11-20 23:29:01
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Most of the world's changing events go unseen. Well... spies need jobs too.
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Job: Find out what happened to the Staff or Ramora
Reward: 100 gp
Description: A famous staff of an unknown archmage disappeared. It is your job to find out what happened with this staff. (ask in local taverns)
Progress: Wookies: I asked around the local taverns and found out that it may have been taken by the local theives guild. After some more asking around i found out the location of the said theives guilds. After wandering around the perimitre of the thieves guild i went in, i encounted two guards but i took them out easily with my blowpipe. The staff was being held by the theif lord, after a long duel i took a wound to the shoulder but slashed the lord across the neck with my dagger and took the staff and left peacefully.

Job: Sabotage!
Reward: 100 gp
Description: In a castle not far from here 10 bolt throwers must be sabotaged. It isn't well defended, two guards patrolling. But don't get seen or an entire legion will chase you down.
Progress: Shadow Stalker: The guards were sloppy, very sloppy. So sloppy in fact that they had drinks that night and i was able to spike them. The two guards slept like babies. I then had enough time to sabotage all 10 bolt throwers and escape in time for breakfast.

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2004-08-09 [Nienna's Sorrow]: Am I suppose to tell how i preformed the job? Im not sure how this works. Can some help me?

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