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Voting is Closed, this year's contest is now open!

For a few reasons, I'm creatin this page for a little more flexibility with entries.


1. Don't steal artwork. Come on, what's the fun of entering without the pride of it bein yours?

2. Follow the theme set down by: [wicked fae mage]. The theme is forbidden love.

3. As for content: I am allowin a blurrin line for the pornographic rule that's normally set since love tends ta lead ta sex anyhow. O.O *ahem* As for violence, I'll blur the line too.

4. Mediums: Drawins, photos, photo manips, paintin...whatever your creative mind allows. Perhaps I'll make sub-wikis for the different mediums?

5. Three entries per person. I may wanna change that, but for now that seems fine *shrugs*

6. No deadline set yet. I'll fill it in when there is n.n

7. The pics do not have ta be scanned, just upload them ta elftown so the links aren't broken and so everybody can see yer work ^^

8. Entries here like this:

  0. "Title"
  username with the [] thingies
  Entry location <img300: if its an image

A brief history lesson:

The original *ST.* Valentine... was a roman priest... roman law at the time forbid men/boys in the army/going to war from marriage... so they would be committed to their unit/commander/ceaser... and not to a woman and family at home... also so woman wouldnt be left unsupported if their 'man' died....

the Priest Valentine... rebelled and broke this law.. secretly marring couples

he was arrested and thrown in prison... supposedly to be eaten by lions... but historians are coming up with more and more facts to disprove the whole sacrifices to lions myth... so that part is maybe debatable..

anyways... the idea of why we send/give flowers is b/c woman would give flowers to this priest while he was in prison to show their thanks for his sacrifice... they wrote their thanks on the underside of the roses leaves...

as for chocolate... it needs no excuse! its just that good!!!

(thank you [moira hawthorne] for one reason that V-day is taken out of context of it's truer more noble meaning)

actually I gave that info to disprove the modern assumtion that Valentine day is a made up holiday by Hallmart; that there isnt any reason to have a day to be thankful for having the ones we love; that we shouldnt have a day to celebrate love conquering all.


1. 'Aodh's Moonlight Song' [moira hawthorne]
reference for the pose: [occult rogue] thx u [wicked fae mage]
my faery musician and his guitar Méadhbh Aoibh lovers separated by form but always together...
she was mortal as a woman till she became the soul of his instrument so she could remain with her immortal love.

2. 'Blasphemy'
See a full version here-->

3. "Forbidden Love" [LynnAnneBrown]

So what my muse
Should I tell them
Of our Forbidden Love
I tell them
All the stories
That you share with me
I like when I get to wear your voice
And you let me pick the dress I want to wear
And my eyes flicker across the page
In search of beauty there
And I make of you my God
I trust
The way you take me
And these mortals
Would condemn me
For making you
With my magic
Your presence here
And I like you best
When you come here
Dressed as Goddess
I like your voice
You tell me I'm immortal
Then ask me
What I plan to do about it

Ah they think I've gone crazy now
Because I obey the muse
That I created
in the belief
That she created me

Why do I flirt
With Madness
Because of all my lovers
She's the best

She sings for love
And not the rest

4. 'Anne' [Madhalf Heatlump]

Captured smiles and glances / Spilled along the way
How my heart it dances / With every pretty word you say
I've parted ways with reason / Won't let it cloud my eyes
Just set my heart for treason / And my mind to alibis

Confidantes stand in my way
But I can't hear a word they say

Stolen hugs and kisses / To drag my dreams to life
Too many close near misses / Too many bittersweet goodbyes

All These lies stand in my way
I can't recall a thing I've said

I've cut these shackles and ties that bind
I've changed beliefs that rule mans mind
To the least deserving I've been most unkind
I'd do anything for Anne I find

Your pretty act for me / That others see right through
What is it I Don't see? / Oh tell me what's a king to do?
I've parted ways with reason / Won't let it cloud my eyes
Just set my heart for treason / And my mind to alibis

All These lies stand in my way
I can't recall a thing I've said
Confidantes stand in my way
But I can't hear a word they say

Oh Anne, What's a king to do?
Anne, I'm so in love with you
©2008 Robert Cofell

The song is inspired by Henry VIII's love for Anne Boleyn
A link to the audio recording of the song

5. [Iske] 'Carefull Valentine' (not your sister man lol)

6. 'If Only...' [moira hawthorne] - WIP
my original inspiration for the theme Forbidden Love - photo/real world touching Aodh/art world
I love the idea of real world meets painted world - we exist in two separate mediums & he is my alter ego
*credits* photo-reference - Aodh & art © moira hawthorne.

7. Taking a taste (Kakashi and Orochimaru) [Yami]

8."Ying Yang Devil Angel" [wicked fae mage]-WIP (and just for show ^^ since I own this contest)
An elf and a human...a devil and an angel =3 (Since "Yin" is called "Ying" and misunderstood as evil I figured the misnomer is perfect for the little wicked elf ^.^)

9. 'Drow Love' [moira hawthorne] - WIP
my RP character Athela and his lover Melc who belongs to [melcinitan]; its the moment before lips met... they were discussing secrets and why they are kept... and Melc asks Athela why he wears a dress and it leads to Athela dropping it off.. as in baring all his secrets to his new lover... its a very touching scene... for drow love... but they are both very unusual drows.
and why its forbidden:
1) drow arent allowed love... women possess males... but these two escaped to live upon the surface
2) the RP died for me.. so their love was cancelled aswell

10. 'Oh look.. A butterfly' [WonderTweek]
This is my character Alunis (albino boy on the left)
And my friend Ali's character Chiila (girl on the right)
They're best friends, and have been for a very long time, and because of this they would never risk their friendship for getting together, so all they can do is dream.
This might not look as good tiny, so click it for full view.
11. Forbidden love [LinkTurrner]

3334) Which do you feel best represents the theme "Forbidden Love"? (Administrator: [wicked fae mage])

Number of voters: 35
* a) 1. 'Aodh's Moonlight Song'
Number of votes: 14 (40%) Voters: [LynnAnneBrown], [MyAlterEgo], [Artsy], [the mad hatter2], [geirrekr], [Erubeus], [Madhalf Heatlump], [dayah], [Fearathress], [Les chansons d'amour], [~Crimson Angel~], [Monochromatic Sight], [Gypsy Mystik], [Desi the Red Rose]

* b) 2. 'Blasphemy'
Number of votes: 3 (9%) Voters: [Yami], [nehirwen], [Araglas]

* c) 3. 'Forbidden Love'
Number of votes: 1 (3%) Voters: [Skydancer]

* d) 4. 'Anne'
Number of votes: 4 (11%) Voters: [moira hawthorne], [Iske], [Kaimee], [wicked fae mage]

* e) 5. 'Careful Valentine'
Number of votes: 1 (3%) Voters: [shotokan_gal]

* f) 6. 'If Only'
Number of votes: 3 (9%) Voters: [XxTsomexX], [WonderTweek], [lacy_azlin]

* g) 7. 'Taking a Taste'
Number of votes: 1 (3%) Voters: [Piercedskull]

* h) 8. 'Ying Yang Devil Angel'
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* i) 9. 'Drow Love'
Number of votes: 1 (3%) Voters: [The Last Dragoon]

* j) 10. 'Oh Look..A butterfly'
Number of votes: 7 (20%) Voters: [*Phoenix*], [arthemis_], [Blackshire], [Rice], [Synirria], [Chaotix Palidien], [And her eyes lit up as she saw the dawn]

* k) 11. 'Forbidden Love'
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

proudly brought to you by the The UNofficial Coven
UNofficial Valentine Contest 10 Now open :)

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2010-01-02 [Artsy]: Ah, I has a vote! <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2010-01-03 [wicked fae mage]: Woo! =D

2010-01-13 [wicked fae mage]: I'm debating when there have been enough votes. Any thoughts?

2010-01-13 [moira hawthorne]: wow there only been 13 voters so far...

maybe advertise it on MC to get more voters?

50 votes would be nice... or at least leave voting up till jan 30... whichever comes first...

2010-01-13 [wicked fae mage]: That'll work.

2010-01-13 [Yami]: At least I got one vote *weak smile*

2010-01-18 [wicked fae mage]: To increase the number of votes...
Feel free to invite people to the page asking them to vote!
We have 2 weeks to get 50 votes!

2010-01-20 [wicked fae mage]: We're halfway there! Let's hope to get there soon! *Crosses fingers*

2010-02-01 [wicked fae mage]: Again thank you to the participants and the voters. I have another mock contest running for the V-day competition, feel free to join it as well, and encourage others to, too :)

2010-02-01 [moira hawthorne]: will do btw the 15th is hubby's bifthday

2010-02-01 [wicked fae mage]: Really? My uncle's is the 13th, Aunt's 17th, Two cousins' 2nd and 5th, and boyfriend's brother's 11th

2010-02-01 [moira hawthorne]: June was a happy sexy month for your family huh?

2010-02-01 [wicked fae mage]: It appears so...but here's one for ya. July 29th is Pap. August. 1st, gram, 8th me, 16th great-uncle, 18th mother, 20th cousin, 27th sister, 29th great-aunt And countless others that I know including my roommate sitting to the right of me on August 10th.

2010-02-01 [moira hawthorne]: I was nearly born on my mother's birthday... she didnt get her cake b/c I interrupted her...

2010-02-01 [wicked fae mage]: Mine turned 19 ten days afterward :3
But my family seems to like the equinoxes and and solstices xD

2010-02-01 [moira hawthorne]: it would make an interestin study for a thesis

2010-02-01 [wicked fae mage]: Yeah, months of natural arousal

2010-02-01 [moira hawthorne]: trackin moon and sun and season cycles with fertility and conception

2010-02-01 [wicked fae mage]: Yeah, since it has been a belief since ancient times that the moon controls a woman's arousal and emotions.

2010-02-01 [moira hawthorne]: or at the very least her periods...

2010-02-01 [wicked fae mage]: Yeah, very least. Considering that moods can probably be tracked with the phases of the moon and women.

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