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Unkillable, by Patrick E. McLean review

The protagonist, whom the story is also told through in first person, is an angry man. Hates himself, his job, his life. Really, everything. He's just not particularly likeable. If I can't like the main character, I can tell you that I probably will not like the book. It's not that I'm asking to always agree with the main character or totally love the main character, I just have to be able to sympathize with him the teeniest little amount. His reprehensible attitude regarding everything blew that chance to itty bitty pieces pretty quickly, though.

So, angry guy (whose name was never divulged, I don't think, even upon skimming the pages again), who quickly became DEAD angry guy (thanks to some Russian mobster at a club who is apparently immortal, or something) talks to a rat in the alleyway who grants him some sort of walking dead capability (hence the name of the book). There is some fast-and-easy explanation as to who the rat is (some ancient god who I've never heard of, so I am inclined to think that it was invented by the author), and BAM! the main character is up and seeking revenge on his murders.

There is also, in no particular order, there are appearances by: A voo-doo priestess, the daughter of the voo-doo priestess, a creepy mortician friend, a detective who gets trapped inside of a matryoshka doll and a 70's foppish British serial killer who somehow magically gets loosed in modern-day America, where ever this story happens to be taking place.

In other words: Meh.

/ [Ms. Steel]

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