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Unicorn Bait by S.A. Hunter. review

Yes, yes... the title of the book is corny. It was an Amazon recommendation, however, and it was also a Kindle freebie, so what did I really have to lose? Plus, the story description didn't sound COMPLETELY awful. And it was a fairly quick read.

This book tells the story of Naomi, who is helping her family clean-out her grandfather's house, as he recently passed away. Among the items of his estate was a unicorn horn in a box, with instructions that it was to go to, you guessed it, Naomi on her 25th birthday (at least I THINK it was her 25th birthday. She's only 21 or 22 in the book). Of course, Naomi lives in the REAL WORLD and things like unicorns do not exist.


She accidentally pricks her finger on the tip of the alicorn and she's transported to a strange, war-torn land in the midst of a raid on a medieval-esque village. She ends-up getting mistaken for the Lady of the land, Lady Naomi (it's just kismet, they have the same name!), and the rules of battle are such that the winning faction gets to take his opponent's wife as his own.

Tavik is the big, scary, armor-and-mask-clad dude who takes Naomi away to his castle, and they get married, but with stipulations, one being, naturally, that there is no consummation of said marriage. It's quite fortunate, too, that Tavik pledged himself to the mighty god of war (or...whatever. It's something like that), who JUST so happens to require his underlings maintain their virginity. Of course, this all has to do with the unicorns, with whom the war god wants to exterminate, but can only be touched by virgins.

Anyway. There is sexual tension and intrigue; Naomi even goes home at one point, after fixing the alicorn and figuring out how to do so, only to be beckoned back to help save the day in the alternate, medieval universe.

Like I said, the story isn't awful, in fact it has some promise, but something about it just falls flat. I just didn't care for the writing style, or the way the author's voice presented itself in the story.

/ [Ms. Steel]

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