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~* Welcome to the character page! *~


The classes are Gunner, sword Fighter, Healer, Hand to hand fighter, Blade (Uses knives, throwing stars, and\or daggers) and The Given (The ones who use the ability of their race.)

Format to use:

User Name:
Character Name:
Character history:
Character Description:
Character Items:

1. User Name:[Kbird]
Character Name: Anabell
Race: Human
Class: Gunner
Character history: All that's really known is that she greets you and then rules what you do once in the facility. Also, her father is high ranking.
Character Description: She has a southern accent and her mood can go from a happy friendly person to a cold vindictive well all-in-all a B**ch. She's 28 years old.
Character items: Her gun, and a old necklace which has been passed down for years wich makes people more likely to listen to her no matter thir race.
Image: <img:stuff/aj/190343/1471050765.jpg>

User Name: [~Crimson Angel~]
Character Name: Alan Stark
Race: Vampire
Class: Sword Fighter
Character history: Unknown, for some reason he doesn't remember anything about his human life before he was turned except his name and that he's a swordsman. If he tries to remember any more he gets dizzy and faints. He refuses to harm a human and only drinks animal blood.
Character Description: Alan is quiet, shy and a little withdrawn, he has pale skin, black hair, silver eyes and he sort of has a punk rocker style. He's 5'8" and appears to be eighteen years old.
Character Items: His black sword and a leather necklace with a bluish white crystal on the end that he can't remember where he got.
Image: <img500*0:>

User Name:[Kbird]
Character Name:David
Class:strong gunner but can do some hand to hand as well.
Character history:He cant remember anything before the age of fifteen.His oldest memory is waking up in a building the remains of one at lest.He was trapped under some suportbeems.If Annabell and Jace weren't passing by he probably would of died.David has trained under Annabell for gunning and Jace for hand-to-hand.He uselly trys to go missons with Jace and looks up to Jace as a kind of big brother.
Character Description: he is ninteen
Character Items:His gun and a pocketwatch.

User Name:
Character Name: Jace
Race: Werewolf
Class: Hand-to-hand fighter
Character history: Third generation werewolf and one of the first non-humans to join the human government a decade ago at age 22. Has a fairly obvious crush on Anabell, but is otherwise a very strong and stoic soldier.
Character Description: See images.
Character Items: A pair of handcuffs.

User Name: [~Crimson Angel~]
Character Name: Alexander Thorn (Likes to be called Alex or Xander)
Race: Werewolf
Class: Blade
Character history: He lost both of his parents when he was just three years old and was abused physically and verbally by his female guardian, he would often run away to see his friend Charles who was a lot older and like a brother to him. When Alexander was 10 he and his guardian were attacked by another werewolf which killed his guardian and had him cornered and was about to kill him, but Charles saw what happened and rushed in giving up his own life as a distraction so Alexander could escape. Jace is his half brother.
Character Description: Alexander has red hair and grey eyes, he has a black flame tattoo on his left arm and he's sixteen. In battle he's serious and a badass smart alec, but when he's relaxed and with friends he's a prankster and he's still a smart alec, but he has a soft side when it comes to children.
Character Items: Two rings he wears on his left thumb and index finger, a large leather bracelet on his left wrist, a black crucifix that once belonged to his older "brother" Charles, and a stuffed tiger that was given to him by Charles right before he died that he uses to store extra blades.
Image: <img200*0:stuff/aj/88645/1354510072.jpg>

User Name: [~Crimson Angel~]
Character Name: Jack Thorn
Race: Werewolf
Class: Gunner
Character history: Jack is Alex's older brother and Jace's half brother, when he was three years old and Alex was still a baby he was kidnapped by a woman named Caroline Livingston who was jealous of his and Alex's parents because they had two children when she was unable to have any due to a medical problem she was born with that made her infertile. When Jack was thirteen years old and Caroline was dying of a mysterious illness she told him the truth, after she died he went to find his real parents, but when he found out that they were dead he left to be on his own, he didn't look for Alex because he learned that Alex didn't know about him, so he lived on his own.
Character Description: Jack has black hair with white streaks in it, blue eyes and he's nineteen years old. Jack is a bit of a womanizer, and people say he's a bad ass ladies man.
Character Items: A silver bracelet he wears on his right wrist, his stud earrings and his gun.
Image: <img300*0:>

User Name: [~Crimson Angel~]
Character Name: Loki
Race: Werecat
Class: Healer and hand-to-hand combat fighter.
Character history: Loki's father is a human and Anabell's uncle so he is her younger cousin. His father fell in love with a female werecat named Luna and two years after dating they got married and had him. Loki's father taught him how to fight using hand-to-hand because he was being bullied and needed to know how to protect himself, at a young age he learned that he could heal others, but he would get weak or sick if he healed too many people in one day and needed to rest for three days afterwards.
Character Description: Loki is fifteen years old and is a kind sweet caring young man, he loves animals and has a pet vampire cat named Snowball that follows him everywhere. He hates to fight and tries to avoid it the best he can, he's shy and not very talkative, he mostly just talks to Anabell, his parents and his cat, he also blushes really easy.
Character Items: His vampire cat that follows him everywhere.
Image: <img:stuff/aj/88645/1358823613.jpg>

User Name: [ancienteye]
Character Name: Yue
Race: Alien
Class: The Given
Character history: She works in the laboratories of the Facility. Her particular kind of alien is fire- and acid-proof as well as tolerant of extreme temperatures and immune to most poisons. The downside is that her blood reflects this and is capable of giving human/vampire/werecreature skin severe chemical burns, so open wounds are very dangerous to those around her. In concentrated and altered doses--which the government is working on developing into "acid ice bullets" to deal with zombies--her blood is actually capable of melting the flesh right off the average person's bones. She is usually kept from combat situations due to this.
Character Description:
Character Items: An old silver ring.

User Name: [Crimson]
Character Name: Siven
Race: werecat
Class: Healer
Character history: She lived happily until three years ago...when her father was turned into a werecat, he couldn't control himself and ended up trying to kill them. Their mother tried to fight the father but lost, Siven was nearly killed if it wasn't for her older brother she would've died. Her brother managed to kill the father before he could kill Siven. Siven was 12 at the time, the brother was 15. They lived a year together as happily as they could but the towns people found out that she was a werecat due to her father, her brother found out what the town was planning and told her to go to the next town and that he would meet her there. No matter what she wasn't supposed to go back, that was the last time she saw him. When Siven was heading to the next town she was attacked by a group of men, but was saved by a man who was passing by. She tried to continue on her way, but the man told her it was too dangerous to go on her own and told her she could live with him and he would send word to her brother as to her whereabouts. Siven waited for her brother, but he never came for her.
Character Description: She is naive and kind (often acts like Luna Lovegood from Harry potter)
Character Items: She has tons of bracelets that she wears because she loves how shiny they are. She also has two rings, one of which is a butterfly which is her favorite insect.
Image: <img300*0:stuff/aj/190343/1359592650.jpg><img:stuff/aj/190343/1382588753.jpg>

User Name: [~Crimson Angel~]
Character Name: Zane
Race: Half ice demon
Class: Given
Character history: Zane's mother fell madly in love with a human, but when she told him what she was and that she was pregnant he became fearful of her and lured her away to an open portal to hell and pushed her into it. Because of this Zane is bullied by the other demon children and is hated by not only the other adults, but his own mother who often ignores and beats him because he looks more like his father. When Zane was five years old he asked about his father and what humans were like, after which his mother told him all humans were cowardly, evil beings that would backstab and kill him if he ever got near one, she then slapped him and told him never to ask again. Zane only had one friend, a girl named Shizu, she was forbidden from seeing him again by her father and Zane told her to stay away from him because he didn't want her to get in trouble. One day Zane noticed that a portal had opened to the human world so he took the opportunity to run away from home and find out the truth.
Character Description: Despite being a half demon Zane is actually quite kind and caring, he's curious about humans and wants to find out for himself if they all are evil. He's eighteen but he looks twelve.
Character Items: A necklace that Shizu made for him before she was forbidden from seeing him and a dark chocolate brown ribbon that Shizu gave him as a going away gift.
Image: <img:stuff/aj/88645/1363037228.jpg>

User Name:[Kbird]
Character Name:Liden
Character history:His father was in the military intell he got baddly injured and could no longer do feild work, So when Liden was born his father trained him so he could join the army someday, his father was all buisness and never let him play, do to this he doesn't like figure-heads or anyone bossing him around.When he was fifteen his Father told him to leave and that he couldn't take anything with him.He has been living on his own ever sence and has no plans of changing that fact.
Character Description:He is more of a loner, dosent like being bossed...he gets annoyed by groups easily and people, he really can't stand hyper people.
Character Items:His gun, a red bandana that he ties around his arm, & a coat.

User Name: [~Crimson Angel~]
Character Names: Gabriel (purple hair) and Logan (blue hair)
Race: Angel
Class: Hand to hand fighters and the given (they can make themselves invisible to humans)
Character history: Gabriel and Logan were born to two loving parents who adore them and treat them like princes. Because their parents were so protective of them and never left their sides they were bullied by the other children when they were younger so they were the only friends that each other had and are really close and don't trust people easily. When Gabriel and Logan were thirteen they both got their ears pierced even after their parents said no.
Character Description: Gabriel and Logan are seventeen and love to pull pranks on others and are very protective of each other.
Character Items: Their glasses and earrings.
Image: <img300*0:>

User Name: [~Crimson Angel~]
Character Name: Abigail, Abby for short
Race: Human
Character history: Abigail's parents were attacked by a bloody thirsty werewolf while her mother was still pregnant with her, her father distracted it so her mother could get away. Her father managed to injure the werewolf causing it to retreat, but he was fatally wounded in the process and died in Abigail's mother's arms. Abigail's mother died while giving birth to her leaving her in the care of her grandfather.
Character Description: Abigail is very shy and timid, she doesn't trust strangers easily and is hesitant to let others help her.
Character Items: None
Image: <img300*0:>

User Name:The [Kbird]
Character Name:Meko Sukera
Character history:Came two the facility five years ago. Earlier history will come later.
Character Description:
Character Items:White cloth that she wraps around her hand and arm when fighting. A locket (Maniko has a identical locket)
theme unwell matchbox twenty

<b>User Name:
[~Crimson Angel~]
Character Name: Charles or Charlie
Race: Human
Character history: Charles has been interested in the medical field ever since he was five years old, and read every medical book he could get his hands on. When he was seventeen he met and fell madly in love with a woman named Sarah who turned out to be an ice demon, but when she told him what she was and that she was an ice demon he got scared because he felt he was too young to be a father and because he thought that maybe she had cast a spell on him to fall in love with her so he lured her away and pushed her into a gate that had opened in the ground which he immediately regretted.
Character Description: He loves his work and often falls asleep at his desk and sometimes forgets to read, he loves to find out new things. He is thirty-five years old.
Character Items: He often wears a stethoscope around his neck in case he needs to exam someone outside of the lab.
Image: <img300*0:>

User Name: [~Crimson Angel~]
Character Name: Chi, but usually goes by cupid.
Race: Ghost
Class: Given
Character history: Unknown for the most part Chi just popped up recently at the facility and has only been seen by the man who runs the morgue.
Character Description: Chi is a prankster, but Chi also likes to play matchmaker and thinks it's cupid.
Character Items: none
Image: <img300*0:stuff/aj/88645/1363570668.jpg>

This is spot, see spot run...

User Name: [LadyDanu]
Character Name: Spot
Race: demon
Class: healer
Character history: Kbird knows
Character Description: ears are a headband
Character Items:
Image: <img:stuff/aj/190343/1470105874.jpg>

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