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A WFR Guild Character Race Page

Information about Undead as player characters, and cultural distinctions among WFR Stories

A Race of the WFR Char RACE Page
Wiki Fantasy Roleplay and Wiki Fiction Roleplay

Body of Content - Vampire
Vampires are well known throughout the Realms as evil bloodsuckers, murderers and seducers. A vampire is created after somebody is bitten by vampire and their blood is drained. A vampire can be a member of any race. There are vampire humans, elves, gnomes, you name it. Vampires are usually pale in appearance as they cannot survive in sunlight (when they do are in sunlight, they will catch flame untill they die or reach shadows within short time). Vampires have large fangs, which give them their blood sucking ability. The sucking of blood is a vampire's way of feeding, and usually has some restoring ability on him as well. Most vampires have the abilty to change into a bat, and some can change into wolves as well. The most powerfull can even take on a foglike form. Mage vampires can often summon swarms of bats or wolves to aid them in battle. Some vampires can also take on the form of a hybrid bat, humanoid but with large bat like wings, fur and face. Vampires have hypnotic abilities, which they mostly use to seduce victims, often of the gender they prefere. A vampire has a self regenerating ability, and can only be slain by hitting it's heart (not necissarily with a wooden stake), or ripping out the heart. Garlic and crusifixes have no effect on vampires, these are mere stories. Holy water does affect vampires though, as they are undead. e: Vampires always hunger for blood, but do not have to drink it. They can choose to supress this hunger, or to drink blood from mice, cattle, or pets. Surpressin it for long periods of time requires a great willpower though.

Undead Personal Characteristics:


Relations with Other Races:

Society and Leadership:

Language and Names:
    Known Languages:
   Common Language and Script
   Mortic Language and Script (Diilosian)

Undead Character Traits:
    Size, Ability Adjustments, Land Speed per round, Vision, +HD, Racial Base Stats, Racial Skills, Feats, +Armor, Natural Weapons, Special Attacks, Special Qualities (Talents), Favored Rank/Class/Role, Level Adjustment

Undead Races of the Wiki Fiction Roleplay:
  Wiki Fantasy Roleplay Races/Societies:
   - Lich + base race
   - Vampire + base race
   - ...

  Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay Races/Societies:
   - ...


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Creature_List entry: vampire / lich / Wight / mohrg / shade / wraith description / ghost / minion / half-dead?

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2005-11-14 [xido]: All playable WFR undead races... vampire, lich, wight, shade, wraith, minion (other name) or half-dead

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