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2008-06-22 03:00:37
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Uncle Xiggy Baby Sits

A very unhappy Xigbar stood against the door of the large living area. Three innocent, or so they looked, toddlers sat on a sofa looking at him expectantly each holding their stuffed animal. “Alright, its only for a couple hours.” He assured himself. He smiled as sweetly as he could, holding back a deathly glare, “Alright kitties-“ A meow came from the blonde three year old. He took a deep breath and continued, “I have the lovely honor of babysitting you. Now I-“ A smirk came from the silver haired girl.

“Will you just listen…where did Kikia go?” He asked looking around. Sure enough the blue haired four year old was missing from her place on the couch and the second door to the living room was cracked open. He sighed, looking out the window, “Why couldn’t I have babysat the boys?” He turned back to the sofa and the other two were gone. “Girls!” He screamed almost as if he expected them to come back right away-yeah right.

“Dig a tunnel dig dig a tunnel dig a tunnel dig dig a tunnel…” Acacia sung in almost a whisper. “Girls!” Xigbar screamed running down the tunnel. “What was that?” Kikia sang turning around to him. “Quick before Xiggy comes.” Divarkia sang and ran towards the middle hallway. Acacia to the left and Kikia down the right tunnel. Xigbar stopped at the intersection of the tree tunnels. “Wait…don’t…split up…” He wheezed before sitting on the floor.

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