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Unari are a curious mix of elf and unicorn whose origins are attributed to divine intervention. They share the elven passion for song, dance, and poetry. As well as maintaining close ties to their woodland heritage. Although a peaceful people they are not pacificists and will take up arms to protect those things that they hold dear.
Personality: Unari are a passionate race of born performers. They like nothing better then to entertain an audience and move people to great emotion. They are far more excitable then their elven cousins and are nearly always the eternal optimists. They know only selflessness and have a very giving soul. A unar companion would not hesitate to sacrifice himself for a friend or innocent and would travel to the next life with a contented smile on his face.

Physical Description: Unari are humanoid and much taller and more robust then their elven cousins, typically standing 5 to 6 ½ feet tall and weighing 135 to 250 pounds. Unari males are noticeably larger then the females, and both sexes are covered head to hoof in soft white fur. Their hair typically ranges in hue from silver to gold and is often kept in long flowing manes. They also possess tails as well as tufts of hair on their forearms and cannons, males will usually sport short beards from their chins. A unar's legs are jointed like those of a horse and end in a cloven hoof. A unar's face is similar to that of an elf though a bit longer with the same pointed ears. They also possess a small ivory horn that projects from the forehead no more then 3 inches. Unari favor clothing in loose flowing lines and bright cheerful colors and both sexes often braid their tails and manes with colorful ribbons. Unari foals mature at age 60 and can live to be over 500 years old.
Relations: Unari get along well with elves and can be usually found among them, for they are highly valued as performers and entertainers. Unari and half-elves share a certain bond for they are both half-breeds and suffer some of the same predigest. They enjoy the company of fun loving humans and gnomes. Unari take great delight in teasing the very serious dwarves and halflings. They also share the elven distaste for half-orcs.

Alignment: Unari, like elves, love their freedom and independence. These free spirits tend toward chaotic behavior in their daily lives. With their great respect for nature and all-living things and penchant for self-sacrifice unari are usually good.

Unari Lands: Unari make their homes along side elves within the great forests of the world. They do not share the elves love of heights and tree houses though. Their homes are usually small cottages that blend into the surrounding woodlands. In all other respects unari life is exactly like elven culture. Unari found among humans are usually wandering minstrels or performing artists seeking to explore and experience new sights and sounds. Unari must be careful though; many have been targets for unscrupulous wizards who seek their magical horns, thinking to substitute them for the harder to obtain unicorn horns.

Religion: Unari attribute their origins to Ehlonna, goddess of the woodlands, and nearly all venerate her. Their myths tell of a beautiful elven woman named Rayeil, a minstrel by trade, who rescued and befriended the unicorn stallion Chronos. Through the years their friendship grew and blossomed into love. Wishing to marry and have a family the two prayed to Ehlonna. Rayeil prayed to be transformed unto a unicorn, and Chronos asked to be an elf. Unable to deny the true love each had for the other and to reward their faith, Ehlonna transformed both into the first unari. They were not to be the only elf and unicorn paring to be so blessed.

Language: Unari share the elven language as well as many other aspects of the elven culture.
Names: In addition to the language unari use elven-naming conventions.
Adventures: The free spirit of the unari does not lend itself to a sedentary lifestyle. Many unari are consumed with wanderlust and travel to see and experience the wide world, always with a skip to their step and a song on their lips.

Unari Racial Traits
• +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom: The beauty of the unari is legendary, seeing an ugly unari is like seeing a dwarf swimming, a very rare occurrence indeed. The happy-go-lucky unari are not known for their common sense however.
• Medium-Size: As Medium-size creatures, unari have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
• Unari base speed is 30 feet.
• Immunity to sleep spells and similar magical effects, and a +2 racial saving throw bonus against Enchantment spells or effects.
• Low-light Vision: Unari can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
• +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks: Unari share the same sharp senses of and elf but do not possess the ability to find secret doors when not actively looking for them.
• Elven Blood: For all special abilities and effects, a unar is considered an elf. Unari, for example, can use elven weapons and magic items with racially specific elven powers as if they were elves.
• +2 racial bonus on Performance checks: Unari are born performers with an innate sense of how to play to an audience.
• -2 racial penalty on Climbing checks: Unari, with hooves instead of feet make very poor climbers.
• Automatic Languages: Common and Elven. Bonus Languages: Draconic, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Sylvan. Unari can learn the languages commonly found among elves. In addition, once per day a unar can use speak with animals as a spell like ability to speak with equine type mammals (horse, donkey, unicorn, etc.) This is innate to unari. It has a duration of 1 minute (the unar is considered a 1st-level caster when he uses this ability, regardless of his actual level).
• Lay on Hands: Unari have the ability to heal with a touch similar to a paladin's ability to heal. A unari can heal a number of hit points equal to her Charisma bonus (if any) times her level. For example a 3rd-level unari with a 17 Charisma (+3 bonus) may cure up to 9 hit points of damage. A unari cannot heal herself, and in fact takes damage for the same amount. She cannot use this ability to harm undead, for this is a simple transference of life-force and cannot effect the undead. She may choose to divide her healing among multiple recipients, and she doesn't have to use it all at once. Lay on hands is a spell-like ability whose use is a standard action.
• Favored Class: Bard. A multiclass Unar's bard class does not count when determining whether she suffers and XP penalty for multiclassing. A Unar is happiest when performing for an audience.


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