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2011-03-28 03:23:23
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Faffed. (:

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2011-03-23 [Thunder Cid]: If I'm not mistaken Writersco is dead.

2011-03-23 [Akayume]: Nope!

And amen to that mort.

2011-03-23 [Thunder Cid]: Thanks Akay :D

2011-03-23 [Akayume]: Dot. Not m. Sorry. DX I'm on my blackberry.

2011-03-23 [kians mummy]: the link doesn't work on my computor, unknown host

2011-03-23 [Flisky]:

Try that.

2011-03-23 [kians mummy]: <img500*0:stuff/aj/190782/1300896530.gif>

2011-03-23 [Flisky]: Click the link I just put up.

2011-03-23 [kians mummy]: got it working, thanks

2011-03-23 [Chimes]: [Hedda] abandoned it, didn't he? I thought it moved and [Hedda] just left that version there 'cause he could.

Also [kians mummy], I'm curious, how do you volunteer for facebook? What do you do over there if you volunteer? :)

2011-03-23 [Akayume]: No, people wanted it back. So it doesn't have the old domain (if you type in you won't get the same thing) but has members and the few that are there are, well, there. :P

2011-03-23 [kians mummy]: its basically the same as the patrollers we report all the wrong doings in comments on walls and groups, bullying, adding people you don't know.

i volunteered through my fiances uncle ste, as he works for them and does the volunteer branch on there

2011-03-23 [Chimes]: Everyone can do that, I'm pretty sure. O.o 'Cause I do that and I'm not a volunteer. I thought it would be something... more. *Shrug* If you enjoy it, go for it. :)

2011-03-23 [SilverFire]: Just saying: You don't have to be a patroller to do that stuff here. Everyone can do it. The badge just recognises people who've made lots of reports. :) (I *think* I remember reading once upon a time that it had to be 50 GOOD reports minimum for the patroller badge, if you want a goal to work for)

2011-03-23 [hanhepi]: i think of the badges here sorta like the badges you get in the girl scouts and stuff. they just let other people know what you've managed to learn or accomplish. they are there in your house so that strangers can see at a glance what you've been doing here (to some extent anyway.) i'd been here for quite a while before i managed to get my first badge. and i busted my ass doing stuff to earn that one.

2011-03-23 [Ravendust]: I didn't earn my first badge until I'd been here a year

2011-03-23 [Alexi Ice]: Sammie - I think my first badge wasn't until my third year of being on here. I was running a particularly popular wiki and when that kind of went out of style I decided that I had been a member long enough to know my way around and decided to earn some badges myself. I was more interested -still am, honestly - in RPGing and running my wiki pages than earning badges. And I didn't make it onto the council for about six months after I put in my application (and I worked HARD on that application too)

Also. I'm going to be a hypocrite here because everyone (especially Silver) knows that I am far from the best speller here but it would help if you would capitalize at least your 'I''s.

2011-03-23 [Mortified Penguin]: Same goes for you, [hanhepi]!

2011-03-23 [Alexi Ice]: Lol, I noticed that too. Hahaha. Fluke!

2011-03-24 [hanhepi]: nah, they all know i type like a retarded monkey. If I were to all of a sudden start capitalizing in all the right spots, everyone might have massive heart attacks. It was bad enough when I started using a spell checker. 

2011-03-24 [Akayume]: XP

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