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2006-12-13 02:27:25
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Ok ok I am running out of ideas so...[Ultiem] for Elftown Merchants? I am working on a way to make Elftown lots of money which in turn will make Elftown better and less buggy. My name is EJoth and I am a very over-zealous worker. Once my mind is set on something i will not sway from it easily.


Current Status


On Elftown I am proud to say I am one of the donors of funds and art. I am also one of the Master Patrollers.


I am one of the site staff of Musmakers. Means I am helpful here too I guess.


I have donated many things here. From poems to art, even money as expected. I even donate my time to assist with the Daily poem revival; for I am a volunteer. I also assist Elfpack in their uploading art rules.


What I've done...

On Elftown: I donated my money so now im broke ;), I donated some cheaply made art using material from anothers house. Finally I spammed the guards with UAR reports to make me a big raven.

On Elfpack: I have contributed to Elfpack graphics, aided in the enforcement of their uploading art rules. I've donated poems and money, and I continually strive to find a reason to be helpful.


What I will do?

I will help out when I can quick, fast and in a hurry. Everything requested will get done. I am an excellent double edged sword - I mean worker.


For how long?



[Ultiem] Supporters

[Katie Staines]
[Taxicab Messiah]
[Deadlock jester]
[Thunder Cid]
[Fallen Child Athena] im glad he is back from Basic training.
[-tsukasa-] You deserve to be in the crew for what you have done for elftown. And BTW: a little advice it may be funny to make a banner for this wiki like me (check house)
[Firenze] Rock on Emery, go for it!

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