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2005-04-20 21:44:26
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Ugly People United

By: [Aleka]
and also
[Dictated by Uncertainty]
What is Truth but Lies that Hurt, if someone is ugly, don't tell them... Remember it takes 42 muscles to frown but only four to bitchslap someone... don't make it you.

A poem by [Alrika]

Why so ugly
We know why
Your mama was ugly
Your papa is too
And the family tradition
Is going to you

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?
Isn't Uglyness also within the eye of the beholder?
so if you think your ugly.... or would like to volunteer someone who is.... contact [Aleka] below and we'll add you and your ugly companion to this prestigious guild!!!

Want to be a memeber? Please put your name in the Ugly People list, or contact [Aleka] and she will add you. Don't forget to grab a banner to put in your house at Ugly People's Banners! Thanks!

Yo Mama!
An area for insulting jokes about people's mothers....

Uglified People
An area where people can post pictures of famous people who have been manipulated to create a grotesque creature.

Ugly People's Banners
Banners for Ugly People United....sorry ugly banners were already taken so we got this page....

[Yanaba] has added the Yo Mama! page to ugly people united. link is located right above the banners. Have fun!
11/03/04[Aleka] has added the uglified pictures link, made a page for our banners cause this page was getting to big and is still adjusting things, but you can still use everything. Enjoy!
I also added numbers to everyone's name cause i wanted to know how many people had joined....

[¬°Important Note!] Think you're the ugliest person on earth? Think that you are just so ugly that even the scared horror movie actors would run in fear at the sight of you? Think that you're so ugly that you face even Yo Mama! wouldn't love? Test that theory with the new Ugliest of the Month nominate who think is the uglies in this wiki!

Username (or number or email):


2006-05-23 [Summoner Wolf]: :) Ok , that's good.

2006-05-24 [Feasting on Needles]: :] yess

2006-05-24 [Summoner Wolf]: ;)

2006-05-24 [Feasting on Needles]: What's the deal with your mood? ._. suicide isn't the answer. If you want to talk, drop me a line in my private message box

2006-05-25 [Summoner Wolf]: -_- Perhaps...

2006-05-25 [Feasting on Needles]: ._. don't do anything to hurt yourself, please

2006-05-25 [Summoner Wolf]: *looks perplexed* Why?

2006-05-25 [Feasting on Needles]: Because one, it's a waste of life, and two, I like you :O

2006-05-26 [Summoner Wolf]: ...Thanx...

2006-05-26 [Feasting on Needles]: Yoo're welcome :]

2006-05-27 [Summoner Wolf]: ^^

2006-05-27 [Feasting on Needles]: :o

2006-05-28 [Summoner Wolf]: *yawns in response* Does no one else say anything here anymore?

2006-05-28 [Feasting on Needles]: Nope :[

2006-05-28 [Summoner Wolf]: Pity... lol, lack of ugly people, or lack of interest?

2006-05-29 [Feasting on Needles]: lack of ugly people that are active on elftown.

2006-05-29 [Summoner Wolf]: Perhaps, perhaps.

2006-05-30 [Feasting on Needles]: Heheh. :3

2006-05-30 [Summoner Wolf]: <3 I'm so very bored... And sad... And excited... All at the same time... I'm so very fucked up....:)

2006-05-30 [Feasting on Needles]: Join the club. Hahah.

2006-05-30 [Summoner Wolf]: lol, what up?

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