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Description:Nature spirit, close to whatever natural feature or area they are in. So Niaids are associated with a particular stretch of stream or a pool or waterfall, and do not move very far from them. They can be quite playful, very flirty and sexual or totally indifferent. Generally quite curious about things though, but they can bite if they get angry. For that matter they can drown you if they are one of the larger ones associated with a deep pool or a more violent area of a river.

Forest slyphs and nymphs are usually associate with a particular grove or area in an older forest, and often have a particular tree or species of tree or plants they associate with. The Slyphs are more of an air spirit and can trick the eye and lead hunters and hikers astray, and they have a very sneaky ability to flick the body and hair with their ethereal bodies teasing and arousing their prey. Most of the time they are just playing, but they can also be quite dangerous and lead their victims to hidden places where they then capture them in confusion and glamor and do with them as they like. Sometimes their bodies will be found years later and its said they died of exposure.

The nymphs on the other hand are much more associated with the trees, and you will begin to see female forms or even sometimes male forms in the shape of the trees, and you can get drawn deeper into a dark grove where they can manipulate your mind to do what they want of you, be it a play thing or a sexual feast. (Thank you, [Skydancer] for the description.)

<img:>Don't steal artwork. Come on, what's the fun of entering without the pride of it being yours?

<img:>Follow the theme of which fantasy race contest you were competing in. You may compete in each race's contest if you'd like, or only your favorites.

<img:>As for content: I'm allowing the brutal creatures to be depicted as they are and the sensual creatures to be depicted as they are. Fae can be sensual creatures, but usually not brutal...though they are quite the trouble makers.

<img:>Mediums: Drawings, photos, photo manips, painting...whatever your creative mind allows.

<img:>Three entries per person. I may wanna change that, but for now that seems fine *shrugs*

<img:>No deadline set yet. I'll fill it in when there is n.n

<img:>The pics do not have ta be scanned, just upload them ta Elftown so the links aren't broken and so everybody can see yer work ^^

<img:>Please post artwork that hasn't been in other contests. The piece/pieces can be older, just not previous competitors in contests (official, not official and UNofficial alike).

<img:>Entries here like this:

0. "Title"
username with the [] thingies
Entry location <img300: if its an image
Description of your work:

1. "Wicked Fae Mage"
[wicked fae mage]
This is me as my wicked fae spirit. A mage, naturally as my favorite class, adorable and filled with mischief!

2. "Tsuki+Enna=Love"
[wicked fae mage]
This is my depiction of my human water elementalist/nymph named Tsuki and his beloved fire elementalist/fae named Enna

3."Fae Spell:Weird"
[River Fox]
This is the brutal and the Dark(o)

[River Fox]
Dreaming and playful

Username (or number or email):


2010-01-15 [Silver Moon]: I may try to do something for this when I have time

2010-01-15 [Skydancer]: Hmmmm....

2010-01-15 [wicked fae mage]: This one will be most fun with so many naughty and pretty possibilities :)

2010-04-20 [River Fox]: I did my best with the materials I have on hand

2010-04-20 [wicked fae mage]: Awesome :3

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