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2010-01-14 01:23:22
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This isn't a contest, but rather a way to express your feelings and thoughts in their truest and most pure form with no limitations. Just express what you think of when you think love. It can be a poem, a song, a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, a paper mache, a photo, a photo manip...whatever you can think of.

It can be new work or old work, even works that have been in a contest, so long as it is your work.

Just list your entries so we know who is the creator of the work like so:

0. [your user name]
Your entry: <img300: if it's an image
A description or the story behind your entry:

Username (or number or email):


2010-01-14 [Fearathress]: I will have to finish what I am working on and post it.

2010-01-14 [moira hawthorne]: uberawesomespanks!!!

2010-01-14 [wicked fae mage]: Thank you, thank you :)
I've contemplated an UNofficial murder contest and an UNofficial porno contest with drawings and paintings only just for something very different.

2010-01-14 [The Last Dragoon]: interesting contest ideas ^>^;

2010-01-14 [wicked fae mage]: Lol, but are they original?

2010-01-14 [The Last Dragoon]: first time I've heard of such contests, so to me they are quite original

2010-01-14 [wicked fae mage]: Okay good.
I hate cliche :)

2010-01-15 [Ninja Smurf]: it's all what you make of it.. cliche or not, it can still be made new and better :)

2010-01-15 [wicked fae mage]: I suppose. I mean at the very least, cliche would stop giving you ideas when you have nowhere to go. In the words of Kenan Ivory Waynes, "If you don't know how to end a scene, end with the fuck word."

2010-01-15 [Ninja Smurf]: lol exactly!

2010-01-15 [wicked fae mage]: Lol, yourself regardless...

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