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2009-04-09 21:53:09
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Twilight review

OK so I finally watched Twilight and found out it's a huge pile of crap. Yep, that's right. It made no 3 in my top 3 of most boring movies EVER. It was so badly directed with zooming in on the actors faces all the time and the colours were totally off, the art director seemed to love dousing everything in cyan or harsh blinding light. And what the hell was wrong with the make up and hair styles? Those vampires didn't seem pale, they seemed as if they had been splashed with white make up. At some point a guy even has a white creamy spot in his eyebrow. And that Edward guy looked like Robert Smith, who might be a genius but isn't the first face that pops into one's mind when you think 'hot'. And don't let me start on the non-existent plot. So high school girl falls for (supposed to be) hot vampire. Ok, been there done that already in Buffy and in Vampire diaries but apart from that.... WHERE was the plot? I found myself wondering when the real plot will begin and realised it won't. Then again, the book might be brilliant since I haven't read it but honestly I could see that kind of story fit for a TV show pilot episode, maybe 2 pilot episodes but a book? A movie? No way it was too poor and definitely NOT worth all the hype it receives. I wonder how Twilight managed to get all that attention in the first place... I think that the fact I didn't google ANYTHING about Twilight afterwards shows how utterly boring I found it. I would never see past the first 15-20 minutes hadn't it been for the hype, I just thought it might get better afterwards but eventually that's 2 hours I'm never getting back....

PS- And I won't even go close to mention the sparkling<img:stuff/k-gif.gif>

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