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Tutorials and Lessons.



Welcome to the one and only Tutorials' wiki! It is a wiki collection created by and for artists, in an attempt to gather various hints, tips and techniques in a single network on ET, so that we could all share and benefit from the various approaches and skills that we have honed.

Right now, this wiki is only in its infant stage, so please please contribute to it by posting links to your own tutorials in the member tutorial section, as well as links to one you have found online in the external link section.

Soon there will also be badges from this wiki for everyone who has contributed or just wants to mark it in their description with an image.

I hope that this will prove a fun and useful experience for everyone!


Digital Art Class <- new!

member tutorial section

external link section

related tutorial wiki

[liiga]'s tutorials
by popular demand, so there :P

Dipping Into Digital
angel bunny walkthrough
Chain tutorial
eye tutorial
hair tutorial
Jewel tutorial
Marketing Art Online
tree tutorial
wing tutorial

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2004-08-26 [the anonymus]: hmm... well liga... your wiki is starting to get bigger and better... congrats for this wanderfull idea that you had with this wiki...

2004-08-26 [liiga]: thanks. :)

2004-08-26 [the anonymus]: you are defenetly wealcomed...

2004-08-26 [liiga]: *long sigh* guess what i'm thinking, Andrei.

2004-08-26 [the anonymus]: ok... I'm sorry... really I am... I won't bother you again... sorry again... I didn't mean to offend...

2004-08-27 [liiga]: Aug 27 (well 28 for me), new addition: Facial Structures by [Farewell]. Yay!

2004-08-28 [liiga]: Aug 28 (very 28), another addition: Chain tutorial by [liiga].

2004-08-28 [liiga]: And another: Jewel tutorial by [liiga].

2004-08-31 [liiga]: Aug 31: new addition, Origami by Alex Barber in the external link section, courtesy of [, , , , , , , , ,]. Yay!

2004-09-07 [liiga]: Sept 7, new addition: Drawing Scales by [CelticDragon]. Yay!

2004-10-27 [liiga]: Oct 27, new addition: tree tutorial by yours truly. : >

2004-10-27 [Calico Tiger]: Yay! I've been hoping someone would do a good tree tutorial!

2004-10-27 [liiga]: ^^ For some reason tree tuts are all too rare. I've spent quite some time looking for one myself, with little to no luck.

2004-11-10 [liiga]: Nov 9 (10 for me), new addition: hair tutorial by [liiga]. (Really it's kinda simple, but what the hey.)

2004-11-10 [The 5 Elements]: hello

2004-11-10 [liiga]: Hi, [The 5 Elements].

2004-11-11 [The 5 Elements]: whats been happinen here

2004-11-11 [liiga]: Well people post tutorials that they find or create, and come and check out tutorials posted from others. Much as what is written on the page up there suggests. ;)

2004-11-11 [The 5 Elements]: tutorials on what?

2004-11-11 [liiga]: Drawing tutorials... How about you actually browse the wiki and the tutorials? It's not like the links are hidden. :P

2004-11-11 [The 5 Elements]: ok then

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