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Tutorials and Lessons.



Welcome to the one and only Tutorials' wiki! It is a wiki collection created by and for artists, in an attempt to gather various hints, tips and techniques in a single network on ET, so that we could all share and benefit from the various approaches and skills that we have honed.

Right now, this wiki is only in its infant stage, so please please contribute to it by posting links to your own tutorials in the member tutorial section, as well as links to one you have found online in the external link section.

Soon there will also be badges from this wiki for everyone who has contributed or just wants to mark it in their description with an image.

I hope that this will prove a fun and useful experience for everyone!


Digital Art Class <- new!

member tutorial section

external link section

related tutorial wiki

[liiga]'s tutorials
by popular demand, so there :P

Dipping Into Digital
angel bunny walkthrough
Chain tutorial
eye tutorial
hair tutorial
Jewel tutorial
Marketing Art Online
tree tutorial
wing tutorial

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2005-12-16 [liiga]: Generating Transparent GIFS by [Paz] has been added to the member tutorial section!

2005-12-16 [Paz]: I added another one as well XD Rain Effects was added just seconds ago to the member tutorial section!

2006-03-06 [eyes of frost]: Question: How do you use a pallet (and how do you get it) to color a picture? I found a tutorial...and it would be good if I knew how to use the pallet...HELP PLEASE!!!

2006-03-06 [LadyMoon]: It would be helpful if you told us what kind of pallet you mean :)

2006-03-06 [eyes of frost]: Okay...the tutorial I found said she used a pallet...and in the hair part of her picture she had some colors that she was using for the skin...all she said was a pallet...and she kept eye dropping it. Here's the link:

2006-03-06 [LadyMoon]: The pallet are the colours she used for the image :) On a seperated layer, she added all colours and called it her 'Pallet'. It's nothing special.

2006-03-06 [eyes of frost]: ....*sighs* No laughing...I'm a dunce...*Hides*

2006-03-06 [LadyMoon]: No laughing, I promise :D But now you know, and it's a good tutorial *jealous*.

2006-03-06 [eyes of frost]: It took me forever to find...*sigh* Like I told Ash...I should know this stuff...I have been working with photoshop long enough...Gah! *Feels embarrassed*

2006-03-06 [LadyMoon]: Well pallet isn't really a term I've seen a lot either, if that helps a little. Usually people call it 'colour scheme' or just plain 'colours'.

2006-03-06 [eyes of frost]: Lol. Well it helps that it's not a term that is heard alot. Doesn't make me feel as dumb. This is still really confusing though...If only I weren't such a red-headed-blonde...

2006-03-06 [LadyMoon]: Agh, when you have questions, you can always ask them here :)

2006-03-06 [eyes of frost]: Great. lol. Grarg...I am getting mad at this picture...

2006-03-31 [liiga]: Added a link to art in the related tutorial wiki section. ^^

2006-03-31 [liiga]: Also added Elftown Tutorials to the same section.

2006-12-18 [liiga]: Added Dipping Into Digital to tutorials.

2007-01-05 [Vampire Akis]: Hello guys. I was wondering if a tutorial called 'how to make a pic look old' would be useful. Is this tutorial already taken?

2007-01-06 [liiga]: Nope, don't think there's anything like that here yet. You can always browse around to make sure though.

2007-01-06 [Vampire Akis]: alright! ^^ thanks.

2009-01-13 [Tigger1217]: how can i add tutorials to tutorial area

2009-01-13 [Tigger1217]: they are graphic related using photoshop , ect

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