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A Tribe of Wraeththu, or hara, by [awallflower] for the
Wraeththu Online RPG at



Tura Non-Playing Characters

Soren har Tura
Age when incepted: 19
Age: 19

Appearance: Soren is a slight har with an Asian heritage. His straight jet black hair is tipped in vivid pink and is only shoulder length, but he plans on growing it down to his waist.

Personality: Soren is a gentle and quiet har. Although he is quiet he is very friendly and quick to smile. He is not quick to use violence and has not done anything beyond basic training when it comes to fighting. Soren has an odd mix of jaded innocence. In many ways he is still childish yet knows how cruel life can be.

Back story: He was one of those who didn’t make it out of the city. His parents were killed and he was left on his own. He wandered into the Demilitarized Zone and was lucky enough to be found by a Tura guard. The guard took him back to head quarters as the young man was dazed and didn’t seem to know where he was, or what he was doing there. Once he was more aware of himself the Tura asked him if he wanted to be incepted, or if he wanted to go back. Soren had nothing to go back to and had come to be close to the healers who helped him and agreed to be incepted.

Special Abilities/Mutations: He has the Tura skills of basic healing and is Kaimana of the Neoma level. He is not all that dedicated to his training, and will most likely never progress beyond an Ulani level.

(Soren is adoptable)

Clove har Tura
Age when incepted: 15
Age: 15

Personality: Clove is a loud and boisterous har. He is full of youthful energy and arrogance and always seems to get getting into trouble. He has little interest in healing and has taken up with the guard. He shows an uncanny ability for fighting.

Appearance: 5’10, wavy-ish brown with reddish highlights, hair that falls just over his ears. He and has warm light brown eyes that just boarder on being large. He has a fairly average built, well muscled but not obvious, middling to broad shoulders, narrow waist. His mouth is wide and very expressive, as are his eyes. He has a dimpled chin and a smallish upturned nose.

Back Story: Clove is the youngest of the Tura. He was found wandering in the suburbs perfectly alert and aware of where he was and what he was doing; he was looking for a way out. Bound and determined to find a way free of the city he sneaked out past the guards and somehow made his way across the boarder lands, although he didn’t make it out without some damage. He had a large slash across his side from falling through some barbed wire, it was close to festering. The Tura took him in and healed him. He asked to become Wraeththu, not knowing what they were, only that they seemed to be thriving despite of being trapped in the city.

Special Abilities: Clove has little or no caste training. He prefers hand to hand combat training or anything having to do with defense. He does have the ability to heal minor injuries with a touch, as all Tura do, but rarely uses it.

(Clove is adoptable)

Lalo Kai
Age when incepted: 20
Age: 26

Personality: Lalo Kai is a very stoic and cold har. He is a fighter and this is reflected in his personality.

Appearance: Lalo has long dark blond hair that he keeps tightly bound in a braid down the center of his back and steely gray eyes. He more often then not has a look of intense concentration on his face and is rarely known to smile.

Backstory: Lalo came to the city with Mitexi and Blithe and displays a fierce loyalty to the leader of the Tura tribe. If Blithe would notice he would realize that Lalo is in love with him. He is akin to a captain of the guard for the Tura tribe. He never added ‘har Tura’ to his name, as he was incepted into another tribe and has none of the abilities of other Tura’s.

Abilities: Lalo is a fierce and powerful fighter, proficient in many ways of fighting from hand to hand combat to throwing daggers. He has no special abilities beyond his skills in fighting.

(Lalo Kai is not adoptable, although some day he may be)

Age when incepted: 23
Age: 24

Personality: Mac is often called on as a mediator for conflicts within the tribe as well as issues dealing with those outside of the tribe. He is tactful and polite even in his anger. When he dislikes a person, or if he is angered, he becomes icily polite. He never raises his voice and is known to fight only to defend.

Appearance: Mac, like Blithe, looks more masculine than many hara. He keeps his red hair in a neat braid. He has gray eyes and rather unremarkable features. He is beautiful, as all hara are, but there is nothing to set him apart from the crowd.

Backstory: Mac was one of the hara who came with Mitexi and Blithe to the city. Before his inception he was a military paramedic/firefighter and is perfectly suited to the Tura way of life. He is happiest when he is helping others and has adapted to post-bomb life rather well.

Mac is very agile and known for his ability to move silently and quickly. While he does not have the innate ability to heal he is very talented when it comes to stitching hara up. In the days following the bomb Mac was out in the rubble pulling people out.

(Mac is adoptable)

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