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Tsome's RP Characters

Okay! So I'm making this page to keep track of all my damn RP characters... there are so many, its crazy!! If I miss any and not realise it, please let me know. Thank you!


1. Tsome

2. Ellizabeth Hardeth

3. Feria

4. Ardeth

5. Kevin

6. Hiro

7. Terra Corola

8. Tsubaki

9. Dip Mayanora

10. Neela

11. Karin

12. Maria Queria

13. Sarah Mclaine

14. Alana Kerosaki

15. Suki Hatoki

16. Sydney of Ansalon

17. Rocco

18. Caron Kitae

19. Volkner

20. Linda Huyastoshi

21. Quaridan

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