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Welcome to the RPG: True Pirates!

Ok, yes this is an RP, yes this is about pirates. But it is NOT Potc, ok understand, good! Basically this is an RP for those who love pirating, the true pirating, the thieving, swearing, looting glory of it all. :D Sound good, good. First some rules:

I'm a pretty advanced RPer (not that you have to be by any means, because I'm new to shipping lol) so just a few guidelines:

1. No power playing- Simple enough, its not nice. Generally if the RP group finds you obnoxious in power playing, you're out.
2. Past tense- Instead of "He wakes up and looks around him." use, "He woke up and looked around him." Its a little easier to read
3. No super characters- Characters have weaknesses, it makes it interesting. Mix your characters up, make them originals! This also means no characters identical to any from Potc, (i.e. Jack, Will) And please please, give some consideration to their garmets, if they all look the same it's pretty boring.
4. Mutiny is not acceptable. Period.
5. Be polite- wiki is busy at the moment, wait for the edit button, don't just grab it :D
6. HAVE FUN!- We can work most problems out talking, and there probably wont be any, but those are just some guidelines!

Nautical Glossary

True Pirates Banners

Character Set Up

At the bottom of the character description mention what part of the crew you'd like to be. You may not nessercarily get to be this person, but we'll work it out. Remember for the most part it's first come, first serve, with perhaps the exception of First Mate. When creating your characters, remember we need a full crew, so some suggestions:

Captian- (this is going to be me so there are no arguments over who gets to be it, although I'd personally rather be a cook, lol)
1st mate
2nd mate
Crow's nest lookout
Monkey (You can be a talking monkey for all I care, just make it UNIQUE!)

For your character descriptions, please include the things below. Don't worry about it being too long, thats fine. If you *must* eliminate somethings thats ok, just give a reason. (i.e. no history because they don't remember, ect)

Character's name:
Preferred Job on the crew:

Post characters here: True Pirates Characters

NOTE: We have too many characters!

Those who have NOT posted yet, will be DELETED shortly to make room for new, active members, if you are in danger of being deleted I have sent you a messege.

The Edited True Pirate's Pirate Code:
(Original from: Ship and Pirate Terms

1. Everyone shall obey orders- except of course when Lylith is being silly in which case smack her over the head and she'll probably change them
2. Booty will be shared out as follows: Everything goes out equally
3. Anyone keeping secret of attempting to desert will be marooned. He may take only a flask of gunpowder, a bottle of water, a gun and some shot.
4. The punishment for hitting a man is having to sit through a long lecture from Ly.
5. Anyone being lazy or failing to clean his weapons will lose his share of booty.
6. Everyone may vote on all important decisions.
7. Everyone may have a share of captured drink and fresh food.
8. Anyone found stealing from another member of crew will have to endure yet another lecture, pay for the item as well as return it, and may be sent ashore if it was out of malice.
9. Gambling with cards and money is a popular pastime, always make sure you have a deck with you (*laughs* originally this was forbidden, but Ly loves her cards)
10. There is no 10, because 10 was originally: The penalty for bringing a woman aboard in disguise is death, which is just rediculous when the cap't is a woman.
11. No one may leave the crew until each man has made 1,100 pounds.
12. The compensation of losing a limb is 800 silver dollars... and a lot of sympathy.

True Pirates has begun! Join the journey aboard the ship here: True Pirates: Aboard The Harthwan Rose

Any questions, contact me! [thestranger]

Oh and please don't edit this page unless you must, thanks!

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2004-03-28 [StickyBun]: well...except for those people that dont get hurt.

2004-03-28 [Tormenta]: thats true but Im training to be an EMT and therefor HAVE to save lives

2004-03-28 [akiret]: LOL

2004-03-28 [StickyBun]: fine fine...go save those lives! silly people shouldnt have gotten hurt in the first place XP

2004-03-28 [Tormenta]: well a lot of them I'd like to say F YOU to but I cannot

2004-03-28 [akiret]: EVEN ME!?!?!?

2004-03-28 [StickyBun]: hehe i can guess which one...

2004-03-28 [akiret]: hey just because he hates everyone (almost everyone) doesn't mean Angelus is a bad person

2004-03-28 [Tormenta]: no I'd save you, I think....even tho you don't like Binjii because she doesnt want you to drink yourself to death...*sniffle* ;)

2004-03-28 [akiret]: hey come on, everyone likes rum lol

2004-03-28 [StickyBun]: my character doesnt either...that is, if i join.

2004-03-28 [Tormenta]: I do I do I don't find anything wrong with alchohol, I mean I don't personally like it very much, but I hate when people DIE because of it

2004-03-28 [akiret]: same here, though seeing ppl drunk is just funny

2004-03-28 [Tormenta]: it is that it is...but I find I get hyper over a slush puppy so I dont really need the booze

2004-03-28 [StickyBun]: brother has gotten in trouble enough while being drunk that i see no humor in it anymore...

2004-03-28 [AccountKiller]: I would rather be a Corpsman myself..

2004-03-28 [Tormenta]: no alchohol abuse is soooo stupid, and then you're sick the next day and have to deal with the consquences of your actions, eugh

2004-06-08 [Wild~Fire]: just wondering.. but would this rp still accept characters.. (if they stay active)??

2004-06-08 [Tormenta]: ask [thestranger]

2004-06-08 [Wild~Fire]: k.

2005-01-22 [AccountKiller]: Boooyah!

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