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Trollhunter (2010) review

Trollhunter begins with three Norwegian students doing a dockumentary about an alleged bear poacher. So, they start to follow a man named Hans. It turns out that Hans is a trollhunter that works for a government agency known as the Troll Security Service. Hans is tired of his job, especially the cover-up that the trolls exist, so he agrees to let the kids follow and film him.

The movie is pretty funny, if you enjoy dry humor. It's also rather creepy. The trolls' appearance is based upon popular artwork from the 19th century that often accompanied books on folklore. The movie also played with ideas about folklore, sometimes confirming aspects and sometimes ridiculing them.

Overall, it is a really fun movie with the added bonus of some really beautiful landscapes.
/ [Viking]

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2011-11-13 [Akayume]: :O I want to see dis.

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