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TrollHunter review

The movie follows a small group of college kids who set out to investigate and make a documentary on a series of mysterious bear killings and a supposed poacher named Hans. The kids follow the supposed bear poacher for quite some time trying to get an interview, but are refused everytime. When they follow him onto a "blasting area" they end up discovering is there is a much bigger mystery than bear killings, that is lurking in the night-time wilderness of Norway and how it has recently become a much larger threat...Trolls.

My recent interest and foray into foreign films brought me to this gem of a film which stars Norwegian actors/actresses: Otto Jesperson, Glenn Erland Tosterud, Johanna Mørck, and Tomas Alf Larsen with appearances by: Urmila Berg-Domaas and Hans Morten Hansen.

It is shot in the style of a college documentary (think Blair Witch but indescribably better) and really pulls off the feel of it. The graphics and special effects are wonderfully done, and the story is amazing. The best part about the movie is that they give some scientific explanations for certain Troll features, characteristics, and weaknesses. For all the non-Norwegian speaking viewers it is done with subtitles, but if that bothers you I beg you look past that and give this great movie a chance.

/ [Lord Josmar]

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