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2008-02-13 17:16:31
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[Triola]'s Work-in-Progresses

Hello and welcome!
It would seem that the new fad is to record the process of making art and post pictures for all to see, and I am nothing if not completely into all the new fads, so here goes :D


The making of Crossing the Rubicon:
<img80*0:stuff/E%3ADiceWIP1.jpg> <img80*0:stuff/E%3ADiceWIP2.jpg> <img80*0:stuff/E%3ADiceWIP3.jpg> <img80*0:stuff/E%3ADiceWIP4.jpg> <img80*0:stuff/E%3ADiceWIP5.jpg> <img80*0:stuff/E%3ADiceWIP6.jpg> <img80*0:stuff/E%3ADiceWIP7.jpg>


More to come! But in the meanwhile you might want to take a look at:

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