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Writings by [Triola]


Theme week 1: Wild


Peaches and cream, a porcelain dream
Face in the shadows
Darkness around
A glimpse of the soul before curtains are drawn
A glimpse of a queen as she falls to the pawn
Wide, blazing eyes
Innocence drowned
You yield to the child made of fire gone wild

Get who it's about? :3


Theme week 2: Dark fairytales

"Mirror Mirror"

Oh, mirror, mirror on the wall
I ask of you, do you recall
A girl with skin like winter's snow,
With lips dark red and eyes aglow?
Her hair was like the northern woods,
Untouched by men and wordly goods,
So wild and dark, you should beware
Of ever getting tangled there.
I see that you remember well
This girl that your pronounced the belle
Of all the countries, near and far;
Our beacon, yes, our shining star
Well, do you know what came to pass
With our princess? Oh, alas!
A tragedy, I do proclaim,
She lost her heart, yes, what a shame!
Torn from her young and fragile chest,
Brought forward, at the queens request.
And now it rests on jewelled shelf
Looked after by the queen herself
A story that would shock a few
But the result, I say, long overdue!
So, mirror, if you will allow,
Do tell me, who is fairest now?

The queen from Snow White, of course.


Theme week 3: Paradise

"Childhood Treasures"

Within a pocket, far from prying eyes
There lies a small, grey stone of unknown worth
It tumbled like a rocket from the skies
And fell down to this small and humble earth
A little boy did stumble on its form
With gentle hands he picket it off the ground
He held it in his fist, so small and warm,
And revelled in the treasure he had found
The stone felt silky smooth against his cheek
The round shape gliding in a soft caress
The texture and the weight wholly unique
Like nothing else the boy so far possessed
While others wouldn't gaze upon it twice
To him it was a piece of paradise

Inspired by my brother :) When he was younger (five-ish), he always found round, smooth stones that he picked up and put in his pocket for later to rub them against his cheek because they felt nice. He was so cute :3


Theme week 4: Flower vase

"No Fury"

Words of red and jealous green
Thrown like tennis balls between
The two opposing sides of war
He the bastard, she the whore
Through the air in perfect arc
A flash of blue, then on the mark
With bloody shards the only trace
Of what was once a flower vase

Lovers' spat.


Theme week 5: Natural

"A Selection"

You chose her.
A surprise? Not really.
Natural selection at its finest;
Survival of the fittest.
She was fit, I'll admit that
She was a fine example of the species,
I have no doubt.
You chose her.
Her genes will blend with yours for generations
It's natural selection.
Someone must be left behind.

Hmmmm. Not sure I like this one. Might change it.


Theme week 7: Masks


Now smile politely, nod and wave,
You’re out in public, do behave.
These silly outbursts that you crave—
Becoming of a lowly knave!—
Will make them think you’re quite depraved.
So lift your chin, and do be brave,
And stop this indecorous rave!
Your stubbornness will be your grave,
Unless you make your self-will cave
And let your feelings be enslaved.
These masks we wear, will hide despair,
But be aware—
They’ll never ever disappear.

Finding so many words rhyming with wave was quite the feat.


Theme week 8: Seasons

"Sonnet To The Seasons"

Fallen to the ground like soldiers at war
The golden leaves of autumn’s yesterday
Remaining still in remembrance of yore
Yet poignant in their bittersweet decay

The unforeseen chill of winter’s first snow
Eternally welded with its beauty
A crusade of ruin, bringer of woe
Unyieldingly performing its duty

Warm, southern winds filled with hope once again
The miracle of birth, a pristine dawn
Life’s own renaissance in nature’s domain
Wondrously altered from duckling to swan

Summer, the seasonal king with its crown
Swathed in green and a halcyon gown

An old one, but my absolute favourite of everything I've ever written.


My own theme 1: Farewell

"The Memory Of You"

Embracing me like your arms once did
Overwhelming in its suffocation
The damp darkness of your ignorance

Concealed within the darkest cavities of my mind
The dizzying familiarity
A faint memory of your tender caress

Reliving, time and time again, your bittersweet valediction
One kiss
Recollection will be the death of me

A newly rediscovered old one.


All writing is copyrighted to Trine Lise Olaussen.

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2008-12-21 [Linderel]: Did you know that, read in RP, that last rhyme doesn't work? :P

2008-12-21 [Triola]: Yes, obviously :P But read in the way I would read it, it rhymes perfectly. And I actually did think about it, but I think it works in RP as well. It's like in In The Artist's Studio by Christina Rossetti, the not-rhyme leaves the reader a bit unsatisfied, which opens room for reflection. And with the assonance of "mark" and "vase", it doesn't sound half bad.

2008-12-21 [Jitter]: I used to read it this way as well. Now I read it as vase, rhymes with spaz

2008-12-21 [Triola]: I hope you mean spas (as in one spa, many spas), and not spaz (rhymes with jazz) :P

2008-12-21 [Jitter]: I did mean the Jazz one. I was always taught to pronounce that s as z oO

2008-12-21 [Triola]: Well, the Canadians do, they pronounce it so that it rhymes with "maze", while the Americans have it rhymed with "trace" and the British with "spas" :)

2008-12-21 [Jitter]: My teacher was Australian and rhymed it with maze. Then I heard it on a British show rhyming with Jazz oO

2008-12-21 [Triola]: I've never heard of that o.O But of course, that doesn't necessarily mean anything :P I think we need the Lami-expert on this one! :P

2008-12-22 [Linderel]: Nope, never heard of it rhyming with 'jazz' either. All news to me xD But it depends on where the speaker's from I suppose. There's lots of different accents even inside England, let alone the whole of Britain.

2008-12-22 [Jitter]: I think Squee would be more appropriate to pinpoint this :P

2008-12-22 [Linderel]: Indeed :P

2009-02-11 [SilverFire]: very late 'wtf?' No way it rhymes with Jazz. :P And I've never heard anyone from anywhere here say it in a way that would make it rhyme with jazz. <.<

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