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2011-10-02 14:26:53
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2011-07-11 [Linderel]: It's so shiny and colourful :O

2011-07-11 [Linderel]: And there's a loop! Loops are awesome :D brain started singing at me now. Damn you! And it's not just the musical, either. There's Uriah Heep, too.

2011-07-12 [Triola]: Colourful is my allover theme this time 'round :3

2011-07-12 [Linderel]: That's a good theme :D

2011-07-12 [Akayume]: I likeses it. (:

2011-07-12 [Triola]: Thanks :D

2011-07-12 [nehirwen]: Ooh colourful and cute. *enjoys*

2011-07-12 [Triola]: That's the idea :D

2011-09-27 [Triola]: The idea changed <.<

2011-09-27 [Linderel]: *spazzes out from the cute*

2011-09-28 [Triola]: :D

2011-10-02 [Linderel]: ... :P
*waves flag*

2011-10-02 [Triola]: :D

2011-10-02 [Nioniel]: Aww! Lami is so cute!! ^^

2011-10-02 [Triola]: :D I figured I would have to reuse just a little bit if I was gonna reach the limit before the deadline >.>

2011-10-02 [Nioniel]: The cat slippers are my favourite. :D

2011-10-02 [Triola]: Heehee, I like them too :D And the sweater. I wouldn't mind a sweater like that :3

2011-10-02 [Nioniel]: Me either.

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