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Trenched review

Welcome Marine to the Mobile Trench Brigade, an elite group of Marines trained in the use of the Mobile Trench. What is a Mobile Trench you may ask? It is a large motorized mech like machine of manliness and ass-kickery created to fight the powerful Monovision menace and help keep humanity alive. So if your ready to beat down some mono-butt then gear up your Trench and get to work!

This game blends the good old mech combat, similar to Armored Core or Mechwarriors, with the tried-and-true Tower/Turret defense games into one amazing piece of epic! The story takes place around WWI or WWII (Not really sure) when a marine is injured in the line of duty by having his legs crushed under a tank. Not wanting to sit at home, he was teamed up with a similarly injured man named Vlad to listen to radio signals in search of enemy transmissions. One day they hear this unusual broadcast that kills everyone in the building but them, and leaves them with strange knowledge. The U.S. Soldier uses this knowledge to create a large mechanical set of legs so that injured soldiers can walk again, while Vlad uses his for less noble purposes and ends up creating horrible creatures of war called Monovisions in an attempt to spread the "Knowledge of the Broadcast". Now the world is under siege by these evil Monovisions and the only thing that can stand against them is the newly created Mobile Trench Brigade.

This game comes from the capable hands of Double Fine (Also behind the game Stacked and Brutal Legend). It features a wide variety of customization options for your Trench including different bodies, legs, paint jobs, Marine Outfits, and weapons. The weapons are then broken down into more categories: Machine guns, Sniper rifles, Shotguns, Grenade Launchers, Artillery, and Broadcasters. And each weapon has their own special ability that makes them better then the regular version (there is even a rarity feature similar to that of WoW). The gameplay is traditional tower defense where you have a building to protect against wave after wave of enemies that come from different directions with different combinations of enemies, and the further you get in the game the more abilities the enemies have. But your not alone in this fight, you can call in "Emplacements" to aid you in different ways such as another gun on the field, a tower that slows the enemies near it, or one that repairs the damage you take. Then, to take it even further, it has full multiplayer that allows up to four people to take on the missions together. The g

This game is definitely something everyone should at least try if not purchase. It is available in the Xbox Live Marketplace for 1200 Microsoft Points.
/ [Lord Josmar]

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