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2007-06-26 23:08:41
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Translations of the Elftown news


The Elftown news may be translated by ordinary members who think that it’s needed. Newsitems can only be translated in languages that exist as mother tongues and are used wide spread (which means languages like Quenya are excluded).

How to:
1. To make this possible every news item will contain a link to a main wiki. For instance:
News Item 264 (<URL:news.html?nrs=264>) contains the main wiki News264-translations.

2. The main wiki will contain a list of subwikis for every language to which the news item can be translated. For instance:
To read in Dutch: News264-Dutch (undone).

3. Before you start translating, post a comment on the main wiki in which language you will translate, so that there will be no double work done.

4. Then select the subwiki of your language and post the translation of the news item in that wiki.

5. Below your translations you put the following links:
a) The link to the news: <URL:news.html?nrs=264>
b) The link to the main wiki: News264-translations
c) The link to Translations
See News264-Dutch as an example!

Finally press the button <img:>

6. When you have translated the news item you can take away the status “(undone)” behind the wiki name on the main wiki and add 'by [insert name]', so that everyone knows it’s been done. For instance:
To read in Dutch: News264-Dutch by [Sunrose]

7. If your language is not in the list, you can make a subwiki with the translation and add that. For instance:
[News(newsitemnumber)-(Language)@wiki] (take out the brackets).
Don't forget to add the name of that subwiki to the main wiki.

8. If you see a flaw in one of the translations, feel free to take it out.

9. If a new newsitem appears, the old one will disappear from mainstreet. The links to languages that haven't been translated on the previous news-item will be removed from the main wiki.


Some notes

Don't message [Hedda] about this! Don't demand that you should get badges and rewards! They will be given on a random basis to the ones deserving it.

Don't add computer translations! It's often better with no translation than a crappy one. If you do add a computer translation (As a working base, or to just give a hint), please write that!


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