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Town of the homeless

[No more here] founded this wiki, but is no longer with us

In this town we live freely. No one lives in the houses and no one is allowed inside. We all live on the streets and also think a lot and express ourselves in different ways. The town is expanding only if more people are interested in putting a piece of their mind in the town to grow it into something more beautiful.

Town of the homeless National Anthem

We all live in this town
but non of us lives in the

There are no doors.

We all live in thoughts
about being free and unbound
to a bed inside.

We cant reach the windows.

We all live in this town
non of us know about
where it came from.

And we dont care!

- [No more here]

Wiki sites for the town are:

Citizents of the Town of the homeless US! self portraits!

Wrath of the homeless Tell us what you are pissed off at!

Only Rules are to Have fun, and to make this Town a better place! Wiki-destroyers will be banned


[Lady Vampire] is sooo owned!!! (by [Shino]) ,_,
[LadyWillow] she's a nick-changer --beware ^_^
[vampkiss] mmmmmmmm cream (and pie =D)
[VivaciousVixen] hullo all !
[Thorgin] Hello ^__^ *hugs everyone*
[Nelly022] uhh
[shadowmagi] i've a tendency to wander.
[E-mail] 42
[Sidhe] I sometimes come around in my afternoon walks to spend some quality time with awakened minds. Those brownies never talk much! No I am not homeless, I enjoy to be with my friends. :P
[whatever or sumthing] ummm... yeah. exactly

No longer Active Members:

[No more here] MASTAH! (but anyone can rule the TOTH)
[Shino] Self proclaimed Homeless Warlord and [No more here]'s right hand
[kossan] why?
[Forgetmeforever] tadaaa...
[Generic Stereotype] Because...
[LaLinaPumpkin] haha..I did it...
[sophiko]The lost daughter of the travellers, wandering about the town of freedom.


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2004-10-13 [No more here]: okay... well no hurry we homeless have no deadlines...

2004-10-13 [whatever or sumthing]: that´s good, i don´t like deadlines. they kill the inspiration.

2004-10-13 [No more here]: suppose they do for some people..

2004-10-13 [no longer used account #4]: *pokes Greenwing with a dead line*

2004-10-13 [No more here]: ow that hurt man! i will send my combat eated gnomes at yo0!!

2004-12-15 [Shino]: TJO

2004-12-15 [No more here]: oh the activity.

2004-12-15 [Shino]: yeah

2004-12-15 [whatever or sumthing]: *jumps up and down* it´s me birthday tomorrow!

2004-12-16 [No more here]: yeah ^^ and only 2 pageviews left ^^

2004-12-16 [whatever or sumthing]: 301! ^^ i rock

2004-12-16 [Shino]: no. 300 was me XP  Yup you rock!

2004-12-16 [No more here]: are we going first to 0? cus then i have a bit to go T_T

2005-04-15 [Astra]: im likeing this wiki......but i just wanna check i get it....can some1 explain....

2005-04-29 [Shino]: Welcome! err greenwing could explain, whenever he logs in. This place is a little dead unfortunately.

2005-04-29 [Astra]: hes my friend so ok.....

2005-04-30 [No more here]: YEah well this place... is kinda dead yeah i dont even log in to elftown specialy often nowadays... no people here that intresst me at the moment... well uhm this wiki... is utterly boring! feel free to set it on fire ^^

2005-06-06 [No more here]: bwahahah this place dont even have a ruler anymore.

2005-06-08 [Lady Vampire]: Uhhhh. What happened to this Wiki?

2005-12-13 [Astra]: its a desolate waste land...............i like it

2007-11-01 [Tidd3]: Woah, this wasn't yesterday. XD

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