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Character page

The Tower of Seletar

Players & Their Characters

1):[Silver Moon]Founder

2):[♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀] Risika the young maiden/Madam Siri the temptress/Ayla traveling entertainer (Format manager)

3):[Your Little Vampyre] Galilayia a maiden of the Elves.

4):[Sir Riddle]- Cykes Blackheart, duelist and assassin on the evil side;
also a very ugly troll-like guardian on the good side

5):[absent-minded] Mayana traveler from the far north.

6):[loonygirl2005] Lillian Scholar and A faithful church attendant. Officer: Deity worker.

7):[GLASSALIEN] Beast for Hire, traveler

8):[Lirerial] Zataria & Raven the priest (Artist designer)

9):[Fluna] Minoku (Cat demon with a line of blood lust)

10):[Thrice] The elven princess

11):[Sapphire Crystals] The Elven Goddess of the Arts

12):[Vyse] Blade-a traveler, and mercenary for hire

13):[AngusMacLeod] Elven Wizard of great power

14):[Ravendust] Raven The orphan

15):-[Xeroh Kanoe] Ryu the Alchemist

16): [The Dizzy Raven] Malias former prince of Sar'dan and the
Dark Lord Amrevar

17):[Tristin Blade] Master Tristin/Kazuki Dead

18):[Fearathress] K'htressa H'kar mage/Lenwë Anwarünya evil Wind Walker

19):[Doc_D] Lucas Silver

20.)[Bloody Remnant] Kazuki

21): [Nae.palm] Rio

22): [Mekashef] Himself

23): [Arcanien] A Orphan just trying to survive by almost any means.

24):[Night Prowler]himself

25): [Coldfire1] The demon goddess

26):[The Last Dragoon]Xyran

27):[genorariley]Ranara Talona

28):[Breenn]Breenn Ironbeard

29):[Aki Neko] Aki

30):[Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]Pharaun Baenre

31): [neoqueen serenity]Rosette Ningawa

32): [July 47]carmota

33):[The Gray Wolf]Kiroshima

34):[Dezmond]Adrien the psychic

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