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2008-06-22 17:25:05
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Tough Love

“Axey, lookie at me…” Nevi cooed trying to look him in the eyes. He snorted and turned his head. She pouted some and petted his arm lovingly, “Pwease?” No response. Nuzzling him she whimpered, still petting him but nothing. Finally he put up his hood and took a few steps away from her.

Nevi sat on a box and whimpered, pouting, and looking as though she’d burst into tears at any given moment. She looked over at him, “Pweeaase…” She hopped over to him and took off his hood, stroking his hair. He glanced at her, “Fine fine…. I looked at you, happy?” “Smart ass.” She mumbled through a thin crooked grin.

He rolled his eyes and smirked, turning to her, “Yeah, you like it though.” “Maybe.” She said in a cocky tone. She flicked the silver tassels that hung from his black robe. Wrapping his arms around her he leaned his forehead against hers. She grinned and snorted at him, laughing some as his nosed twitched.

Resting her head against his shoulder she let out a soft content sigh. He bit her earlobe gently, tugging on it playfully. “Will I be lucky tonight?” He whispered. She smirked, “Nope.” He frowned some and pulled away so he could look at her, “Why the hell not?” “Axel my dear, that is the coldness of rejection.” She said flicking his nose and disappearing in a black cloud of smoke. “Stubborn Vixen.” He growled sitting on a box with a pouty look on his face. “Watch it mister, I so heard that!” Nevi’s voice echoed.

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