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2010-03-10 23:11:42
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Touching Darkness; Scott Westerfeld review

This is an absolutely amazing book that's part of a series called The Midnighters. In this book the group of five who are midnighters have to face the threat of loosing one of their own... And have the chance to save someone who's been taken by the darkness.
Westerfeld's style of writing is in my opinion quite unique, and I love the way the book flows and moves along, never leaving a dull moment. The characters are diverse and aren't the typical "heroes", which is a nice change of pace. The overall construction and thought put into the world he's created is utterly astounding, and I love the way he totally engrosses the reader in the story, making it seem very real.
Over all, this is a fantastic read. Not only is it completely gripping, but it is also completely fascinating and hard to put down. Definitely read this!

/ [Akayume]

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