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RP History: Tortuga RP History

Carmen growled and grabbed the coffee,chugging it down."Rum now."

Jazon walked upto Jack."Are you okay?"

"No damnit im not!" He shouted at Jazon not realizing who he was. "Oi! Lad! Help me damnit! Gimme RUM!!!!!"

Crow was sent topling over by the force of Jacks well built body hitting his feeble excuse for one, he slammed onto the floor looking a bit bewildered. He looked up, and grinned menacingly as he saw the guys clothes, this man was very obviously a pirate.

"Oi. Sorry lad." Jack looked down at Crow. "What's your name Mate?"

Jazon sighed and got a bottle of rum from his bag.He always had a bottle for when Jack flipped out like this.

Crow got up to his full height, he stared at Jack just grinning slightly, he chuckled for a moment before he registered that the man was actually talking to him. "Ichabod Crow, and you"?

Jack stared intimidated at Crow. "Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow. Captain of the Black Pearl." he said proudly.

"Captain..of a ship...a real ship..not a fake sdhip obviously". Crow just sort of waved off the idea, he then went back to looking at Jack."What's it like.."?

"Lad. You can't describe a pitate! You can't even descibe a ship. You need to...." Jack paused and looked at Jazon. "EMBRACE it!" He said with a smile. He turned back to Crow and went to put his arm around him until he saw how tall he was and looked astounded. "Join my crew lad!" He said with an awkward smirk.

"I've never been on a ship before, i wouldn't know what to do". Crow sniggered at Jacks atempt to do something which involved reaching, he bent down slightly to look Jack in the face, he sniffed the air oddly.

"Do you want the rum or not Jack."Jazon growled and waved the rum in Jack's face.

Jack snatched the rum from Jazon. "Jazon could teach ya." He said to Crow. "Aint that right Jazon?" Jack demanded looked at Jazon.

"I'm a body gaurd..Not a teacher.."Jazon said unemotionally.

Jack lightly thrusted his elbow into Jazon's chest teasingly. "Come on Jaz. We need crew don't we lad?" He took a swig of his rum and smiled.

"Don't call me Jaz..."Jazon blinked.

Jack ignored Jazon and smiled at Crow still trying to convince him to join the crew of the Black Pearl.

"Just join so Jack will shutup..."Jazon sighed.

"OK". Crow flung his arms up in the air almost beaming, he took this sign as a sogn of making new friends, he promptly hugged Jacks head nuzzelingly lovingly. "New friends"!!!

Jack meeped. "Um. Good. Jazon will help you with your attire." He joked.

"No touchy the dumb ass captain."Jazon picked Crow up and placed him away from Jack.

Jack straightened his hat. "Righty then. Jazon, get this boy some clothes. Then lead him to the ship. We need to sail out soon." He nodded and started walking through Tortuga looking for Gibbs.

"Why do I have to do it?"Jazon whined.

Crow stood still, like a good little soldier, awaiting for some sort of movement, he wondered what the ship looked like.

Jake waved his hand while still walking away signifying to just do it. He needed to find Gibbs to sail off.

"...Follow me..."Jazon sighed and walked twords the ship.

Crow followed, stepping in a starnge fashion, his long legs made him walk quickly so he was taking small steps to stay at Jazons pace, fear he would lose sight of his new 'family'.

Gibbs was standing near the dock, talking with a few of the other Black Pearl crew members.

Jack walked up to Gibbs mysteriously. "Oi Gibbs. We need to set sail."

"Already cap'n?" Gibbs answered.

"Now Gibbs. Crew of the Black Pearl. We are soon setting sail. We need to find the gap!" Jack yelled. He wanted to follow Sarah through the gap through the military ships. And he wanted to board 'The Luck Of The Irish'. He smiled at the thought of seeing Sarah again.

"Oi, I seen that look in yer eyes before Jack.." Gibbs smirked lightly.

Jack heard Gibbs and looked up at him in shock. He nearly growled and headed to the black pearl.

Gibbs chuckled. "Aye Aye Cap'n" he smirked and turned. "Alright men, you 'eard the captain!! Get yer butts on board now!!" he followed Jack onto the Pearl.

The Black Pearl RP

"Gimmi Ruuum!"Carmen whined.She gave Angelo her famous puppy dog face


Carribean RP

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2007-11-17 [XxTsomexX]: Yey :3 angry Sarah...

2007-11-18 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: haha Jack and his ladies! Im trying to get Sarah to kiss him to show up Adrien lol

2007-11-18 [XxTsomexX]: And Sarah is like "wtf?!"

2007-11-18 [Dezmond]: adrien don't really care he justs wants to leave port lol

2007-11-18 [XxTsomexX]: XD

2007-11-19 [XxTsomexX]: FYI: Sarah is back at the ship. We have our own page for that (yay!)

2007-11-19 [Dezmond]: aight lol

2007-11-19 [XxTsomexX]: lol hey BB, the luck of the irish is going to go after the interceptor :P that should be fun

2007-11-19 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: YAYNESS????

2007-11-19 [XxTsomexX]: yup :3 lol

2007-11-19 [Dezmond]: lol

2007-11-23 [XxTsomexX]: I hope you realise that Angelo is already on the luck of the Irish right now, not in tortuga [Piercedskull] XD

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