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2011-06-17 08:55:06
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Tomato Sauce


<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> 1 small onion
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> 2 ripe tomatoes or or half a can of canned tomatoes
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Olive oil
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Salt& pepper
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Oregano

<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Chop the onion into fine pieces.
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Heat the oil in a small pan and sauté the onion.
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Add the tomatoes and a glass of water. If you use fresh tomatoes you can add a pinch of sugar to take away the sourness.
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Add oregano, salt& pepper to your liking. Stir but don't let it become too thick.]

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2011-06-13 [Ghost the Hybrid]: if you didn't already know it already you shouldn't fry ANYTHING in sesame oil. sesame oil is for flavouring not for cooking, you could how ever use other cooking oils like rapeseed oil but never ever sesame oil.

2011-06-15 [Jitter]: I use olive oil, we don't have sesame oil here so I wouldn't know

2011-06-15 [Ghost the Hybrid]: change it to cooking oil instead then, cause sesame oil is seriously just something you want to flavour your food with

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