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Todd Bäerwald

User: [Aeolynn]

Name: Todd Bäerwald

Age: 26

Description: He is a short, tall person at 5'10" and has dark blue beryl eyes insomuch that they are almost black and long locks of brown hair. Todd wears a gray cape with a hood which is over his head constantly as well as a red scarf wrapped around his face. The only feature you can really see are his eyes and the scarf reaches all the way to his knees. Leather boots cover his feet and loose black pants complete his attire along with a white sailor’s shirt.

Personality: Todd is very quiet, often speaking in monotones if at all, much more preferring to play his flute then speak. He is kind, willing to do a lot for anyone that would actually approach him. Normally he is emotionless but some of the time his own anger will shine from his eyes, taking the breath of any who catch his glare.

Weapons: He wields what can best be called twin modified pikes, being shorter then spears and having long enough blades to be considered swords. However they have no blade guards and the blades slide back into the handle at the push of a button, looking to be two foot long ornate sticks until he brings out the blades.

Abilities: As long as it is night, Todd's speed, strength and senses are increased, much like an animal and his eyes reflect light. Only when the moon is out, however, he can see spirits and ghosts, becoming partly one himself.

History: Not much is known about him except that he is never seen during the day. Todd loves the night and often wanders in the darkness playing haunting tunes on his flute as he walks. People are afraid of him and he is an outcast for reasons unknown... however his very aura sends out messages of hate and anger, leaving people suspicious of him. When he was in his teens he found an old silver necklace with a light clear cobalt stone hanging as a pendant etched with silver leaves. After doing some research on the pendant he found it was a cursed bauble made of blood tainted silver and a thumb-sized blue moonstone. Ever since then he has become one with the night and is rarely seen during the day.

Todd was born in 1925, right before the Holocaust. Since he is German, he didn't have a part in the killings but was posted as a guard when he was 22 at Treblinka, and 3 years later helped the forced labor workers to rebel, burning the concentration camp to the ground. After that... he simply disappeared.

Stone of Power: The moonstone.
Stone of Weakness: The topaz. Causes him to hallucinate, takes away all of his abilities except his uncanny ability to become something akin to a ghost, which means, he is basically useless. If the moon is not out, but the stone present, this is the only thing that would keep him alive.


He didn’t know why he was where he was, but he knew that he was meant to be here. Preordained. The meadow was large, untouched and glistening in the light of the moon on a cloudless night. Something called to him, called to his blood.

Striding forward from the tree line, Todd, a nineteen year old German boy fresh from the army, knelt down. A small, egg shaped ordinary boulder met his touch. To the ill trained eye it was just an undisturbed piece of rock… however for some reason, Todd could see some sort of glowing glyph hanging in the air above the location. His dark blue eyes widened slightly as the symbol vanished and the man took the boulder in his hands. Grunting from the resistance, it grudgingly moved for him, revealing a tattered clothe covering an ornate box. A dark void met his gaze as he lifted the box gently, wiping years of grime from its lid, opening it. The stone within blinded him briefly as it reflected the moonlight before fading.

Overall, the pendant was very simple and crudely made. An azure stone was set into the adornment that was a little smaller then his thumb, with silver engraved leaves that were integrated into the chain itself. Todd fingered it before placing it back into its casing, jumping slightly as a portion of parchment slipped from the lid. It was old and tattered but still very legible, and he opened it, the edges crackling.

The path that has lead you here is yours


The stone and weapons are yours as well.


they can only be used for good


evil. The penalty of evil comes at a heavy price


this curse is in the form of a soul.


ago was he born, long has he waited.

Reading it through twice, Todd looked down into the hole again, bringing out twin carved boxes, each surprisingly light for their size. Instead of paper there were instructions carved into the boxes, telling of the secret blade within and how the special imprinted button released the hidden trigger. Each of the twin modified pikes had been covered by an article of odd clothing. One was a bright red scarf, very long in length and the other a mysterious gray hood.

Todd lifted these up, eying them in the moonlight before shaking them free of the dust motes. “What does this mean? I’m supposed to become some sort of superman?” He was aware of the superman comics that had yet to be debuted, and had even been allowed to read some of them thanks to a friend. All this he was reading about… curses, souls, evil… what did all of this mean? What would happen to him?

The journal entry was marked in June, 1938. Todd smiled slightly as he recalled that night, remembering how those comics had been released not long after. For a while, he had considered himself a superhero in training… but now, he knew better. He was far from a superhero. True, he had abilities that marked him stronger then a regular person, or at least, any he had met. However over the years he grew more distance, more aware of the future. When he looked at his reflection all he saw was an animal staring back at him. Drawn into the hideous concentration camps, he abided his time, helping some escape, and others an easy and pain free death. Three years crawled by, and Todd was finally ready to break the fragile balance. He and several others rebelled, burning the hated concentration camp to the ground. Many of the prisoners perished, but the stone let him know he had done the right thing. Freeing them, he melted into the forest to continue his time in solitude. He avoided all human traces, living amongst the wild, becoming part savage himself.

Even though he had helped to save, he was still hunted by people looking for war criminals. He knew he was innocent. And so did the stone.
That was all that mattered.


the 12

and so it began


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