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2005-02-16 05:31:28
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Tlanso are creatures of the unsavory sort. They are a lower replilian. They have short stubby tails that are mottled grey and black. They are suited to hot dry climates and have very dry skin. They are completely covered in black brown and grey blotches and have a nasty disposition.
They eat anything that bleeds and are terribly lazy unless it means a good meal. They have sharp fixed teeth and cannot unhinge their jaw. They Mostly have red eyes but there are some that have golden eyes. The ones with golden eyes are much older and much stronger. They are also the least tameable and ornery. They have a spikey ridge on their heads that looks like a punker's hair style but is just fleashy mounds that collect water. The water is collected from the air and let in by tiny muscle contrations in the holes right behind these spikes. The only way to calm one of these creatures is to oddly massage thier head. They go into complete silence and lay on the ground as long as one keeps massaging.
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2004-05-30 [xido]: add this to the creature list.... I'm not sure if pages with content or without are the ones that need to be underlined, but Angel will tell you.

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