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2009-01-14 23:58:12
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Tips to new Elftowners

This page is not made for new Elftowners, but for people who know a lot about Elftown, but need help about finding good links for new Elftowners that has some kind of special interest. Please comment on this page if you see a member with some burning interest that you don't know if there is an Elftown page about.

reference pictures

Anyone very interested in taking photos or photo manipulators will love this.


People who complain that nothing is happening here, can be sent to the junk forum. Hundreds of postings every day.

Text Adventures

These are links to RPGs on Elftown. Should be improved with links to the best ones?

Special interest wiki-pages of some kind?

Playgans?, poetry communitiesWhat's your sign?, How on earth did you pick that name?, How on earth did you find elftown, featured wiki, Warcraft Artwork, Art contests, Competitions, Elftown tutorials, something else?

artistic nudity

Elftown Academy

for those with extra time and a wish to share knowledge!

The Town Herald

for those with creativity and a knack for writing!

And all the 4711 things I've forgotten. Please comment!

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2009-01-08 [Artsieladie]: How about some wikis that point people to their belief interests, their animal interests, links to/for contests for writing, photography, art, like Competitions and MC. I think The Wiki's Wiki Page should absolutely be listed here.

I know this isn't made for new Elftowners, but I do think new Elftowners could also help with this, because they can give an insight, perspective of what would be useful to know about and/or what they would like to be able to find out about. [LynnAnneBrown] might be particularly helpful here and she would probably be more than glad to.

*still thinking though* :)

2009-01-08 [moira hawthorne]: once new people get interested in contests... they want refer photos or how to tutorials... listing them here as a way fror them to find easily or older members to direct them to would be helpful...

2009-01-08 [Hedda]: But that is general advice to all newcomers. Very important, but now what this page is about. <img:stuff/cheshmak.gif>

The HOWTOs and tutorials needed some more organizing the last time I looked at them, but I think there is something... I'll go to bed now though.

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