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2012-01-09 14:54:27
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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy review

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is an excellent spy movie. It is not a Jamesbondesque action flick. It is a slow-paced, cerebral, spy mystery with excellent acting and no inexplicable explosions.

The story revolves around recently unretired agent George Smiley's attempt to find a mole within the top ranks of British intelligence. The tale is told though meticulously crafted scenes and interesting flashbacks. From what I've read, this style accurately reflects the book by John le Carré on which the movie is based.

Instead of ludicrous action and crazy gadgets, this film relies on a compelling story and stellar acting. Gary Oldman is, as usual, excellent in this film even though his character is neither insane nor evil. Even though this film is over two hours long, it did not seem long. Even with the deliberately slow pacing, Tinker… seemed to fly by. Another interesting thing is that the film was set in the early '70s and the filmmakers did an excellent job making the time period real on the screen.

/ [Viking]

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2012-01-09 [Akayume]: Good! I wanted to see this but I wasn't sure if it was worth going to see or not.

2012-01-09 [Viking]: It made me want to read the books.

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