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Timeline of Jashnian Historical Events

[black lotus]

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Realms of Lore:

Past Cosmos - Zendelon I, Thillia

Ancient History:

Creation of the Worlds of the Selenar System in the Jeriah Galaxy

An asteroid impacts nearly every planet around Selen in a unique planetary alignment, and the seed of life was planted on each celestial body it touched.

Outer Realm souls inhabit physical bodies, including dragons, outsiders, fae and the Titans (Elder).

Magic is discovered and promoted, changing shamans and medicine healers into mages, worlocks and more. The language of Arcanthium is introduced into Selenar magical circles, a universal alphabet of magic and deeper ritual forms. It is stolen from angels and demons, who fought over its safety for millenia.

Rise of the Keraphian Empire on Keraphia, nearest to Selen, a star whose planets exist in a wide field of habitable space around it.

An asteroid impacts Diilos, causing massive undeath and terrible destruction among the unliving inhabitants of that world. It then goes into orbit, impacting first Kanaal, cursing it to be a land of wastes and deserts with the stench of undeath in its rare shadows. The asteroid comes to rest finally in Jashnia, the planet with the largest portion of the first asteroid, which granted nealry immortal life to many beings. The two asteroids are mostly forgotten except in undiscovered ancient texts.

Elven refugees arrive via massive teleportation spells to Jashnia, Athos-Naidi, Kanaal.

Yuan-Ti, Serpentfolk and Naga hoards rise on Myla, formed from melted glaciers on a highly volcanic planet. Magic is delivered in strange ways.

Rise of the Kaandese and Kanaalian Empires, which vie for power despite worldwide despair.

Krellians are on Keraphia (more). Book of Keraphia for other historical events and concepts.

Keraphia is destroyed as it is absorbed by the heat of the sun, Selen's corona. Surviving Keraphian texts claim that powerful clerics performed the event that began that destruction to cleanse the world of all evil and to ascend to the outer realms, but the idea is disputable in some cirles.

Fall of Kanaal to Carceri Lords. Permanent portals from the outer realm, Carceri (or Carcerion) are built and fixed around Kanaal.

Elves ally with dwarves to overcome the droves of unseelie fae and goblinoids that have formed the 'Rahlbeeg Army', and Tales of the Seldarine are prominent to soothe young hearts at this time. The Seldarine are the founding races of D&D's racial lineup and pantheon.

Population Boom : Gnomes, Humans, Orcs, Goblinoids, Halflings and Elves.

War of the Titans on Eastonia, Tearra Réhm, Lune, and Qor. It is during this time that Lune is said to have become completely non-magical in nature, that the island nation of Vxa was created, and when the Titans and all their kin were banished from the heartland of Sylvans at the time, Tearra Réhm.

Dysphasian Council begins. Lawful order is either liked or disliked. Chaos/Law rift becomes evident between elven populations, the most cultured race of the time.

Human Recorded History:

-9000 to -8500 years: the First Age of Mankind, considered the primal days of humanity. All historical depictions of humans be elven artisans depict them as near-neanderthal evolution.

-8504: The High Dysphasian Council considers slavery as a method of improving the empire's growth and establishing order over the more savage species.

-8490: The Brothers of Larethia Rebel and begin a new order of personal independence upon the rules of chaotic good sovereingty.

-8400: New River Pheonix settlement is established.

-8350 to -7912: the Second Age of Mankind. Humans, gnomes, halflings, orcs and goblinoids are paid and educated openly.

-7910: Minotaurs (Minoans) begin attacks on other races, and begin their continent-wide invasion.

-7891 to -7882: Minoans attack and drive out the rules of New River Pheonix

-7824 to -6820: Orc Wars, destroying many civilizations.

-7421: Minoa is overcome in its ruling of Zendelon.

-7290: Some Minoans transmigrate to Ishtarania'ishen in the Lands of Qor, settling there permanently. Minoan and Mythrain histories begin to differ based on religious lore and prophecy.

-6890: Zendelon disappears, becoming a shadowy blot on Jashnia known commonly as 'the Void'.

-6880: A new Lanathian Council takes rule in Eastonia. Eastonian Historical documentation begins again after more than 1000 years of no writing in many lands.

-6850 in Thillia: Quinidar Neleros is a mortal elf in an alternate reality in which Zendelon has been transformed temporarily.

-6820: Slavery is reconsidered in Eastonia by the Lanathian Empire.

-6801 to -4420: the Third Age of Mankind

-4901: Zendelon reappears, the old New River Pheonix named South Torea (-4950).

-4701: The Illithid are found to be the perpetrators of cosmological disruption in many events, and though once secret, they are now known to many. The Orcs' massive violence and elven ideas of order and slavery are found to be part of their schemes of ruling the cosmos.

-4420: Humans uprise under Lanathian Rule.

-4420 to -3540: Human Rebellion on Eastonia.

-3540: Humanoid slaves are paid, educated and even built a new city of false hope, Libertanum.

-3540 to -390: the Fourth Age of Mankind. Humans uprise again and again, defining individual rights, some are freed.

-460: the War of the Roses.

-390: Final human uprising, ending the War of the Roses and establishing individual rights.

-387 to -381: Ionnyan War with the Dragon Race of Horamont. See the Scrolls of Ionnya.

-382 to -370: Kieen nation's war vs. Lanathian Empire

-370: The Elven Mass Transmigration to Dysphasia.

-369 to present: the Fifth Age of Mankind.

-150: TearRem sinks into the Blue Ocean.

-148: New Nematon is settled on Tearra Réhm.

-146: NeRenuos is settled on Qor.

-72: Humans estalish rule as the most powerful civilized race on Jashnia's continents of Qor, Eastonia, Tearra Réhm and Zendelon, taking over powerful coastal cities in vital areas.

-70: Empress Liv establishes the Vraisynn Empire. She rules to her 50th year of age (-40)

-39: Queen Naole is named Queen of the Imperial Kingdom of Vraisynn.

-8 to Present: Kiee vs. Stilya wars

-7: Queen Naole is assassinated.

-6: Prince Phalkarious is named King of Vraisynn's Human Empire, despite his secret demonic lineage.

-5 to present: Vraisynn vs. Kiee.

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2007-01-17 [Torr-maat]: xido, we'll have to get together and figure out where Thillia fits in. I might eventually include stuff on Thillia, but I have to change some stuff, and redo the map better. And I like the fact that you took the time to scan the bank staionary that you wrote on when we figured all that out.

2007-01-21 [xido]: Thillia will need its own timeline as well. I definitely suggest that as an individual project (could be tough with all those parallel timelines and alternate realities.... Technically, Dtalk is still there.... And he needs to bring Roth back from the dead still!!!)

2007-03-24 [xido]: Many cosmological past realms (including parallel universes and 2nd edition worlds), like the original Selenar System.

2007-03-28 [Torr-maat]: yeah, I know I love to muddle with alternate realities, and it will probably take me like ten years but I will figure it out. Thillia will get done! sometime.

2007-03-28 [xido]: That, and of course, having abandoned so many second edition worlds and realms, there are surely a lot of parallels out there on the beaded chain of realities. ;)

What do you think of the ideas raised (the new ones that aren't written plainly on the old paper timeline)?

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